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I am looking for the cross stitch chart and color for "Spirit of the Wolf". I have it started already.

I bought the kit and started it, but the chart and color legend aren't to be found. She is a young maiden holding a baby wolf, beautiful! Thanks for any help you can give.

I have that pattern,if you would like it.Send me your email address and I can email the pattern to you.

An African Expression of Cross-stitch Communication

The designs of Africa have a totally unique look about them, and are not typical of other designs. Their patterns are not simply "another piece of material with art designed on it", but are made and designed with the love of Africa always in mind. The people of Africa trust in their inner knowledge and fundamental beliefs, and their history is never forgotten as is clearly shown by their fabulous designs.

The material and textiles are designed with their attitudes and behaviors toward all, which is believed to be sacred. Added to their work is the recognition of their country and society, not only by themselves, but also of others. Cloths in other African regions represent their aesthetic quality, symbolism of the regions culture, or individual responsibility.

The quality that is expressed within the African look and feel is demonstrated in their culture and their material, created by their own people. And it is onto this cloth that cross-stitch weaves its powerful communication with those who feel this metaphor.

The warm and vivid colors of Africa's sunrises and sunsets are interwoven with its folklore and customs, and are impossible to separate from one another.

An excellent resource book to use in regard to Africa colors and designs, if you are not using a pre-designed kit, is "The African Cross Stitch Collection" by Trish Burr, which is for embroidery work but the projects in it are bright and vivid, letting you see how the colors work together, with folklore African stories bringing the work to the very heart. The designs vary from easy to more challenging.

An alphabet and motif library is included in the resource book, which costs approximately US$17.95/UK/£10/Canada$2 3.95. The publisher,, has some used copies beginning at $9.95 if you are interested in them, or some used copies from, has an average price of $11.95 each.

If you are interested in the African animal cross-stitch designs, Janye Netley Mayhew has designed several cross-stitch hardback books with Africa in mind. One is entitled, "Cross Stitch Animal Collection" which has the Safari Collection in it, plus many other animals.

The book has the basic techniques needed to complete each picture in the book for cross-stitch design, along with many project ideas. Her watercolor illustrations and colored photographs add to the 128 pages of cross-stitch design information. She also has a book entitled, "Cross Stitch Collection Tigers" and "Cross Stitch Collection on Safari". The website Alibris,, has the Safari book in a large range of prices, with the low price of $5.60 from Dave and Charles Publishing as its low bid. has a price of $9.59 on it. If you plan on having a cross-stitching resource library, such as some of the books listed above, make sure it is the one you want. Check it out, read the reviews and comments. Look at some of the designs if possible. And then purchase the book for your own library.

Another item I ran across in regard to Africa cross-stitch was on one of our favorite websites, good ol' Ebay. The seller, happy_paws_haven, has a beautiful African cross-stitch pattern for $8.00 plus $2.00 shipping. The money from these patterns is for a rescue animal site for Happy Paws Haven, so you may want to check it out online. The pattern is one of a group of African animals in a headshot with beautiful "Africa" lettering below.

It is nice work and comes on a CD, with the pattern being on 16 letter size sheets. Included are a color key, DMC floss usage summary, and a finished color picture of the pattern in virtual stitches. This pattern can be used in 18, 20, 22, 28, etc. size fabric, with a stitch count of 280 x 355.

In summing up this marvelous topic, be assured you can spend a lifetime researching traditional African patterns and being enthralled by the many striking images of that magnificent continent so beautifully captured in its cross-stitch designs without ever tiring of its sheer fascination.

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