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Working in French knots counted cross stitch?

I have a team of Thomas Kinkade I am working. All the flowers are supposed to be French knots. Am the work of French knots in the center of the designated place, or do I have the job of a node in each of the 4 holes in the model? I do not want white Aida fabric visible through silk.

I work for the French knots on the way to provide the best coverage, node a box set, in the absence of specific instructions. The usually on canvas kits Kinkade 14-Count, which needs a good knot French companies. I am looking for an instruction that tells you how many threads to use and the number of "loops" to do. If there is one, I like to experiment with the number of threads and number of loops up to me to be a look that I liked. JMO.

Children can make gifts

gifts by hand is a fun way to encourage children to give to others. Donations can often make children to be simple and inexpensive, but are often valued by the recipient. Making gifts is also a good way to teach children the importance to give, not for their monetary value gift.

Improve your child's gift with a kit of crafts, such as Galt decorate silk, or try one of these simple ideas and fun gifts for children.

Design Candles
You will need:
white pillar candles in various sizes
dull pencil or thread the needle
Permanent marker
Fine brush tip
Coloured tape

Drawing on the design of the candle with a permanent marker. Stars, Christmas trees and snowflakes are good for Christmas candles or flowers and swirls try for the spring. This donation can make children can adapt to almost any season or occasion!

Use the pen to record the pictures carefully boring. brush in slots recording and let stand for 5 minutes. Wipe the excess paint with a cotton swab. Garnish with a coordinating ribbon tied around the center of the plug.

"Main" and kitchen accessories
What is not love grandparents, grandchildren showing off their works of art, especially when there is a handprint expensive? These children can make adorable gifts are sure to please!

You will need:
Solid color tea towel and oven mitt
fabric paint in coordinating colors
paint pen tissue

Brush the fabric into the hand of his son and prints in the towel and washcloth. Be creative and use fingerprints for make a candle flame or handprints in a circle to represent a crown. Finish your creation by adding your child's name and date of the feather tissue.

Designer Frames
Frames are simple kids can make gifts for any occasion. Use a simple wooden frame and add your own decorations with a hot glue gun a precious gift of creation of a species. Some ideas:

bone glue for dog treats around a framework for a dog lover.
Paint the puzzle pieces in bright colors and queue creation around the frame.
Use the colored buttons in different shapes and sizes
Office stores offer a broad selection of ornaments and bright decorative frames to create even more unique.

Sales of luxury scented bath
You will need:
4 cups of Epsom salt
2 cups rock salt or sea salt
ΒΌ c. tsp glycerin
Food coloring
perfume essential oils (vanilla, mint, strawberry, etc.)

Mix all ingredients with 2 to 3 drops of food coloring and 5 or 6 drops of perfume. Mix well and dried. Pour the bath salts in decorative pots and improve it with a ribbon. Clean, pots dry or jarred baby food works well for sailing children, this gift can do so easily. You can also let your child paint the pot with paint acrylic or sew a piece of cloth to cover the top of a more personal touch.

Helping Flower Pot Hand
It is a beautiful gifts for children can make for parents, teachers, and more! It can be used as a photographic medium or in the kitchen to keep a recipe!

You will need:
bucket flower pot or small decorative
florist foam to fit the bottom of the bowl
Assortment of small stems of silk flowers (5 to 8)
short dowel
thick cardboard
Spring wooden clothes peg

Decorate the pot with paint or stickers, then apply the foam on the bottom. Cover with foam and arrange the flowers in the foam. Draw a hand on cardboard and cut out. Use hot glue to attach the hook by hand and then stick your hand up the stem. Insert the plug into the center of the pan with clothing clip and stand at the back screen.

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