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is cross stitching hard to do?

i have saw a few winnie the pooh cross stitch kits online and i'd like to make them for my kids for xmas (yes, i want to start early because the new baby is due in november). problem is, i have never done cross stitching before. does anyone know if you get like beginner packs? i just think it would be lovely that i gave the 3 kids something for xmas that mummy made and i know they'd like (apart from the newborn). can someone advise me how to cross stitch? thank you in advance xxxxxxx

That sounds like a lovely idea! Cross stitch is not too hard, but you would be best to start with a smaller one to see how it works.

You can get beginner packs, yes - the easiest thing is to go to your local craft shop and ask them. Often they will even show you how to do it, and if you get stuck then you can take it in and they'll help you. The pack will have full instructions anyway.

Magazines are also a good way to start, as they have instructions on how to complete projects.

There are 2 types of kit - the ones with the design printed on the cloth, and the ones with a separate chart that you follow (the cloth is blank in these ones). The first type is easier for beginners, because the design is printed on already, so you just have to choose the same colour of thread and sew a little X on the spot.

I started cross stitch when I was about 14, and always really enjoyed it. I found that once I had got the basics I was able to progress really quickly. There's not a lot to learn really - you just need to be able to sew an X, and follow a pattern.

Hope it works well!!

Cross Stitch a Lucky Charm

If you love to cross stitch, and you love St. Patrick's' Day, or you just love the color green, then try this.

One heart shaped cookie cutter

One Potato cut in half.

Aida cloth, or your preferred cross stitch fabric

Lots of green cross stitch threads

Green ink pad or acrylic paint. (make sure the surface of the potato is dry)

Press the heart shaped cookie cutter into the potato half, and then cut away the rest of the potato, leaving yourself a heart shaped stamp.

Dip your potato stamp onto a green stamp pad or a light layer of acrylic paint, and stamp it onto your cloth three times forming a clover with the narrow part of the heart at the center. Start with the first one at the top of the clover and the other two on each side of it. so that their narrow ends meet in the center.

You now have a three leaf clover. Now draw the stem and let dry. Cross Stitch your clover in the green of your choice, and you now have a "lucky charm" .

You can incorporate this into any type of picture, you could do a collage of them, or you can do a single one. Hang it in your kitchen for "good luck".

If you have never done cross stitch, now is a good time to learn. Counted cross stitch is easy to learn, and fun, you can get some great videos that show you hands on. Then start creating your own lucky charm.
learn to cross stitch video

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learn to cross stitch with a free video counted cross stitch is a good one to learn with, and you will be a pro in no time. Article and website by Diane Palmer


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