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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Stitch Kit Nip products and information here meets your needs.

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Baby ferret violently obsessed with food?

I recently received a kit to accompany my male 1 female ferret. It Please do not bite much, a playful PIN until something happens to eat, then you will not leave you alone until you get a piece. It is very difficult to close with sharp teeth and even scruffing it only leads to violence and theft when he left, it is to attack whenever the source of the food arrived (I usually do in the process) also whistle and is very possessive of what you eat. Someone has tips on how to deal with this now, so when I grow up I have to get points?

Scruffing cage time and have always been the best consequences. Prove you're the boss. The ferret has the right to food at all times? The ferret does not eat too much self-regulate so you always must have their own food supply. It is perhaps curious to know what you eat. In this case, the indicator approach, sniff, and they want most everything should be fine. Any bite or scratch, however, soon found scruffing, a "no", and the time of cage until you've finished eating. If you are in line with this, you should see a change in behavior after a certain time. Oh, well. Scruffing should limit their movement so that goes a little a bit smoother when done right. It should not be able to discuss. This is because the loose skin at the back, and do not afraid to shake a little. You can take a bit of perfect but when it comes naturally.


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