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Where I can find a Blue Merle Collie cross stitch kit? ?

I want to do a cross stitch of a blue merle Border Collie Mother Christmas, but the boxes can be found online are black and white! Can anyone help?

I found, was one of them work: = 2 more, you can buy a black and white as you want and change the color of what you need, because there are more options. My mother makes this all the time, especially when the ads birth to - Change the hair color and clothing colors. So if you can not find a blue pattern you like, have a black and white and change! I do not know where you are, but looking, I see many models available in the UK. I also see some on Ebay. Good luck.

History of soccer shirts

During the Victorian era, and at some point in 1863, football has become a popular sport and if they where The Football Association (FA) was formed.

There is no specialized clothing at the time and the player does not a shirt specific uniform and wear during the game. For some time, since the color white was cheaper and widely available because many players wore.

Later the football players have begun to choose and use your own favorite colors, caps and scarves to distinguish themselves the opposing team.

In Kit's clothes began to appear in 1870, and in most cases, the colors of the team were related to the organization or school that was affiliated with the team.

In the first association football final Cup in 1972, the two finalists played in the clothes that have a mixture of colors. The Wanderers wore pink, and black cherry and the Royal Engineers was navy dark red. Meanwhile, spectators and fans wearing a scarf in the colors of the team to show their support.

Many teams later began to use the term "shirt" and it is that the shirts in 1883 models and vertical stripes. These t-shirts are 100% cotton for pull during the game. However, it was in the middle of the twentieth century, when lighter shirts were introduced.

In the second half of the 20th century, teams began selling T-shirts for the fans especially because he earns for the team and has been very beneficial. Today, replica shirts sold to fans who are proud to wear the colors and clothing of their favorite team and players.

Today insofar as sports are concerned, many people buy products to support the player or team election, shows that this person is a fan of this player or team. Football fans buy their favorite team jersey to show support for all especially the opposing team fans.

Polyester and nylon fabric is used today to make football jerseys, probably because these fabrics are light and inexpensive and Easy to wash and wear.

An authentic football jersey should feel soft and silky and a special brilliance. Note account seams, color and logo before you buy a football jersey for your collection, and make sure that the name of your favorite player is written with precision.

football shirts that are signed are rare and limited, and if you find one and want to purchase this article signed shirt collection, make sure that is well presented with a framed certificate of authenticity.

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