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How do you clean a part felt Christmas stockings?

I was turned to the old Christmas stockings. It is very old and has pearls sewn on same. The store has several different colors, but the band around the bottom is white. The white band has yellowed with age. I wondered if I could clean the storage and get out of yellow spot and the way that the best way to clean. My concern is that this support has a lot of red felt about him and I fear that you will bleed red white envelope. Any suggestions on cleaning this would be appreciated. Here's the thing, the storage was also an angel on it. She has wings I can not get white wings, since I have the bracelet. Moreover, as it would be very difficult. I afraid to take it to a dry cleaner for fear that the beads and spangles can be destroyed.

It is not easy. These days, estimated to be more likely to be dyed. If it is old, but it could be a problem. Dampen a small corner of the red side, then take a piece of white cloth and rub gently on the red felt. If soft tissue is red, then purge the target. I'm not sure that Yellow stands out, especially if the wool felt was in her, wool yellowing with age. If possible, take the bracelet off before washing the rest you can try and re-sew.

Take the monotony of Fabulous

What is a fashionista to do in these difficult economic times? Do not let the economy make your wardrobe dull. We all go through difficult times right now in one way or another. Between jobs, fear of dismissal, while of some life with a salary or try to recover from the horrible gas prices. In one form or another for various reasons, we are all cut. We really need to reduce the time of the Great costs and get everything we want. I felt good today, but yes, now we are paying the price, whether we like it or not. Where are we fashionista? Weakening and trying to stay away from malls. Can to be fashionable in these difficult times? Yes, why not. Well, you must be a bit more creative or flexible, but can be done.

Reuse of clothing last year. The styles have not changed much since last spring. Retailers are very cautious with styles to be on the safe side. If you need a few items no problem. Limit what you buy to simple and versatile. A simple shirt or blouse is a long way. Pair it with capris and sandals for day or a jacket and skirt for business. Wrapper delete, add beads, a light scarf and the most stylish shoes for a night. Keeping the simplicity and versatility will reduce costs. The key here is their accessories. Even if you keep all the clothes that you can present it all seems new. Tired of your old jeans or pants? Cut into capris or shorts. Jeans a bit short, capris and roll to join the latest fad. Even if you bring them to a tailor, is still much cheaper than a new pair. For my daughter, purchased appliques iron on diamond imitation sale and add them to the back pocket. She was so excited, as if a new pair. I must say, it is definitely a girl bling. If Bling is in, she likes it.

Accessories are where you should put your objective. They can take your old computer monotony and make it look like new. I can not tell you how many times I have added new accessories and has received compliments on my new computer. Remember not to overdo it with accessories. Too much of a good thing is a mess when exaggerated. lightweight scarves are an important element for the spring. Long thin scarf, with or without fringes are everywhere. Spring is colorful scarves this year are full of colors and patterns. You can find much more expensive, but going to low cost. Scarves and style why spend the best price. I just bought a discount store in a few large at prices ranging from $ 12.99 - $ 19.99. I'm sure the flea market vendors have a lot for a good price even better.

Jewelry is always an element must have for women. Go to any display of art and each stand suppliers jewelry is full of women. The retailers are provision of jewelry at a reasonable price. What spring? necklace style necklace. Think Egyptian necklaces style necklace. Also many other styles. Two or more threads in a decrease of this necklace of pearls "category". Pair of collar together to achieve the look. find layers of beaded necklaces in different styles. Add a pendant to the composition and brings everything together. You do not aspects of several styles or necklace? With jewelry, you can get away with any style. Pendants are still a hot topic. They come in many colors and styles. You'll see them with strings of beads, ribbons or leather. Pearls are one of my favorites. I do not speak a string of white pearls. Elegant as they are, but not every day. Pearls come in many colors, shapes and sizes. There is such a variety to choose. wear business casual or set at night. Money is always gold and tries to make a comeback. So, as I said, can not go wrong with jewelry. Remember not the earrings!

Hand Bags are another must have accessory. I simply can not get enough of them. Bags on top of the list Sales of accessories sold to retailers as we love our handbags. In recent years, there was always the "Bag it designer" to have. The average cost of these bags is that? $ 1,500 on up! I think $ 300 for a bag of work is too expensive. If you buy a handbag for the year then it is not so bad. This is certainly an area where you can spend much less and do his team Look Good. Take that designers 300 $ And buy several cheap imitations, or even handbags hand. Remember, spring and summer is a time for color. A tissue is always a must have for spring. Make several colors depending on large collars or the shoes. Not everyone likes to use bright colors in clothing. Their use in the accessories is much easier.

Do not forget the shoes. Shoes really fix a computer. There is nothing worse to see a great team with a beautiful necklace and earrings, bag and shoes sport impressive. Jeans can look great with all the right accessories, but no shoes. Add cute wedges, boots basketry, sandals decoration, or even cut toe flats.

The season is still on the fashion, should be more creative and shook the conscience. Retailers are also suffering, but the economy and we have responded by adding more value priced lines. You have to hit the shops for something more daring for that special outfit. TJ Maxx and Target are great places for the creator seeks affordable. So remember, can not get the new costume this year? Stick with accessories and look great because it does have one!

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Mary Bailis is a designer and owner of Alexi Fashions specializing in custom designed handmade handbags, jewelry and scarves. Her designs were originally shown in exclusive art shows and trunk shows. She enjoys reading, being creative, exercising, nature and spending as much time with her three beautiful childrenVisit her website at


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