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advice on african american hair: a faux bob?

I would like to know how to style a faux bob. My hair type isnt course but its not fine. Please help because i love that hari style and really want it....thanks!!!

It's not coarse nor fine? So you have medium size strands? Coarse hair has nothing to do with strand size. It's a texture (ex: silky or coarse.)

Two, I think your mistaken. There is so such thing as "African-American hair" It's "African hair" or "afro-textured hair."

The instructions are in Japanese but there is a loose translation in the first link in what they do.

Here's a youtube video on faux bobs


A theme of marriage in Asia

For lovers of all things Eastern, which is perfectly acceptable, after all, her marriage and can laugh (Or cry, as the old song says) if desired. Asian marriages are generally divided into two main types: Zen Japanese Shoji style lanterns and river rocks, and Chinese fans bolder color and red satin cheongsam (traditional dress). But the range of options are much wider than in Japanese or Chinese, and you may want to consider other options for your personalized wedding ceremony of Asia.

A theme of the pearl Japanese may be her perfect wedding venue in Asia and can be done quite easily. To improve the ambience of your wedding from Asia, vases on the central panel of the strands of costume pearls (real or if you have access to the coffers of the King) and things with white ostrich feathers. Fill the chamber with balls of ivory iridescent pearl, gray and pale pink combs select and pearl necklaces for the bride and bridesmaids and a tiara Pearl Bridal. Pearl drip, like Martha Stewart says, "Good" (drip into). The groom does not drip in time as he behaves with all these jewels.

A number of Asia-Pacific has nothing to do with time zones and provides a other vehicle of a beautiful wedding ceremony of Asia. Decorate the room, not with boughs of holly (even if you have on hand for Christmas last), but fishing nets and swirls of floating glass balls. Imitation pearls hot glue large pearl oyster shell, pearl and spread to all the ballroom Asia marriage. Name tables famous varieties of trees (Chrysanthemum, Cherry, Weeping Cherry, Cherry Yoshino), but whatever you do, do not confuse them with the names of your guests! Serve food and sugary drinks such as dumplings (dango) and sakura flower tea. Perhaps even consider hiring a sushi chef to put special finishing touch to your wedding in Asia.

Asian wedding favors can take many respects. A popular option is the biscuit Fortune Wedding Favors. Other ideas for Asia sugared almonds Marriage can include: bamboo place card frames provides incense, tea gift, chain fortune cookie key precious votive candles, cookies Almonds, bamboo plants lucky, paper, sandalwood fans, sake cups in different shapes and materials and porcelain tea cups with double happiness symbol.

For the bridesmaids at the wedding in Asia, popular wedding favors may include: combs hair gold-tone, Decorative Sticks (hair ornaments) Bejeweled Sandals shirt and name each bridesmaid custom embroidered on it, and nestled in a large box of cookies fortune.

The old adage "The world is yours" may be true in your wedding day in Asia. If you decide of a subject, there is sure to be very beautiful pearls of wisdom, beauty and a host of other things inside.

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