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which lingerie should i get to wear for my boyfriends birthday?

there is this one

then this one

this one i like alot

and then this one if one of the few i like alot aswell

i cannot decide !!!
im not letting him choose because its a lil surprise 😉

Your boyfriend is a lucky, lucky man.

Last one, by the way..

The Importance of Lingerie

Every woman knows the routine of getting dressed each day, and a critical part of that daily activity is being sure that any lingerie is comfortable and appropriate. Somehow people have really come to believe that “comfortable and appropriate” also means boring or plain. The fact of the matter is that beautiful lingerie can be remarkably comfortable as well as making the wearer feel more sexy and glamorous than they all ready are! 

Fashion and lingerie experts will tell anyone who listens that the key to selecting lingerie is the “fit”. Taking very accurate measurements is probably the most important factor in choosing the best bras, underwear and corsets. So often a woman discards a pretty and delicate lace garment because it does not fit correctly, though they would say it is the lace that is bothering them.

It is a simple truth that most people, including both men and women, like to feel comfortable and attractive in all of the garments they are wearing. What is not so commonly known is that well made, and correctly chosen lingerie, will give women an added measure of confidence in their appearance, even when they are in jeans and a sweater!

One of the nicest gifts a man can give to his female partner is a lovely or sexy piece of lingerie, because it will reinforce the idea that a woman is found attractive. Unfortunately, many men shy away from entering a lingerie shop to purchase a gift because they may feel awkward or nervous about selecting the “right” item.

Realistically a major factor to remember when purchasing lingerie as a gift for a woman is that most ladies will greatly appreciate a set of matching lingerie. There are many bra and panty sets in high-quality materials as well as evening gowns and robes, negligees and panties among others to choose from.

Again, however, the key to the purchase must be the “fit” and this is where the expertise of the sales person will come in handy. They will know exactly how various fabrics will stretch or “give” and which would be the best size for the receiver.

A good idea too is to have a gift wrapped in the shop as most lingerie sellers make luxurious wrappings available to their clients, and this can really prove the perfect finishing touch to a gift that will certainly make a woman feel beautiful and pampered.

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