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What do you like to stretch, aside from your imagination?

1) Gum 2) My clothes 3) My band (as my hair turns around) 4) my bank balance, so far 5) My arm to reach the 6 distance) my body in general and, in some situations!

Today, lose weight with strength and stretching exercises

It covers any kind are always good for your body but extends further in particular you maintain flexibility and improve core strength.

The exercises I describe can easily be do and everything can be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home. The only thing that could suggest the purchase, so do not have is a mat Yoga at home, it will be easier when the damage extends a little.

Stretch one: Lift leg folded

STEP 1: Place the mat on the floor, lying on your back knees bent at right angles to his feet on the back. Reach down and cling to his legs behind his knees.

STEP 2: While holding firmly to the back of your knees by pulling up the chest. Go as far as you can comfortably without pain.

Step 3: When the lower back is maintained slightly bent for a short period of about 5 seconds, then return to your starting position.

Section two: The deck

STEP 1: Bend your knees and then bend to enter the front so that the palms on the ground and aligned with the position of the shoulders.

STEP 2: Now relax and arch your back upwards, lifting the shoulders. Try to keep your abs from your hand and drop the little head.

Step 3: Hold the position you use and count to 10, then repeat as many repetitions as you can.

Stretch Three: The offensive of the imagination

STEP: 1 Stand up very straight and reaching the sky. Then extend arms crossed so you can stretch and connect the fingers of both hands.

STEP 2: After connecting your finger to turn the palms outward, advancement, and stretching. Imagine that you push a heavy object like a door closing on your body and maintain that tension.

STEP 3: When you start to feel the tension in the back and shoulders to hold the position for 60 seconds, press and release. Obviously, you can repeat these exact steps as many times as comfortable.

Four Stretch: The Swiss Ball Roll

This routine requires the purchase of a Swiss ball, if it does not already own. They have excellent equipment.

STEP: 1place the great Swiss rubber ball in front of his body on the ground. Kneel behind the ball. Place your hands on the ball at the top of the curve balls, let drop the head in front of the ball. Be sure to keep your back straight and head near the top of the ball.

STEP 2: Stretch your arms and roll the ball forward slightly as you roll the ball forward headlong toward the ground slowly. Section obtained along your upper back will Instant.

When you are starting with the goal of rebuilding the strength of the previous routine to the least three times a week. The number of representatives It depends on how you feel after completing each routine and expected to rise increases as the strength of his back.

There are literally hundreds of other exercises in the back after these things Inside Out and I'll write about in Next the weeks to come.

1. Increasing Return

2. The Leaning over the row

3. The rows of Swiss ball near

If you really want to target = "_self"> burn fat from a combination href = "" target = "_self"> diet and exercise are the only two things to get a result consistent.

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