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Can anyone help me find this fabric?

Pinstripe white and black must be 1 / 2 inch dyed horizontal stripes are not rejected son six ounces of 100% cotton jersey sold for 100 yards 20 pins, the price should be $ 7.00 or less than U.S. companies who tried this site and what is not good for me = [

Not sure if this works, it's worth a look:

Spring 2010 Men Fabric and color trends

This season we see a lot of technical issues presented. We have confidence in science. This is our hope lies, and application of modern science. For our part, we believe it can create new and exciting at the same time Although more more difficult to understand the esoteric science, but we are always eager to learn more about the response to environmental issues. We varied shades of rich layers of color changes to indicate the expected color for spring and summer of 2010 with a series of gradient you can change colors and blend with each other and do not rely on an interpretation of a particular color, but gradient two-color screen. This is totally explain in detail a variety of colors and mixed.

son of Classic natural fabric

The kernel This season will be a variety of woolen fabrics of pure natural mixed. Cotton, wool, silk, hemp and other materials have been skilfully woven a thin wire, make a post special finishing flat and uniform. A wide variety of tissues, but also the long-term vitality and, above all, an environment skin very strong and friendly manner. "


Denim styles of furniture, sportswear, casual designs as everywhere. The image set to break traditional clothes, bleached, sun-dried, grinding and finishing must be white and thus forge a new style of casual wear.

Check fatty

Employers concerned about the situation this season, which is none other than the network. Temperament diverse network fabric, including tables and tartan, seersucker warm and colorful paintings Madras Scottish.

eye-catching design

The men of this season in geometric patterns of bands, breaking the traditional black and white after the other. This is another clear proof of the feminization of men. These models can be used wool yarn You can also use smooth coating of functional fabrics.

Light blue complex

For blue-violet, then cut several times, the projection light Blue is the main color of this season. It is in denim play an important role, bringing them closer to the classic cotton casuals, but also blurred traditional gender lines.

colored jeans

colored denim this season has brought the young atmosphere. It's a long absence, the element People, denim, red, green, blue and cotton casual, Seersucker, stripes, flowers fabric bands to unite, or "mixed" in the same plaid shirt and more vivid colors highlight the characteristics of this style.

Exquisite black and white

Women are often used as black and white, as also inseparable from stylish clothing for men in black and white, your choice of materials, including various types of fabric pinstripe, Prince of Wales check fabric, but also including a three-dimensional structure with a micro cloth, fabric Model Illusion, fine fabrics and rich in fine particles rhythmic fabric with geometric patterns.

Summer Pastels

The men are well integrated into the feminine beauty, and not just the result of the selection of fabrics are becoming more and more light, the color is also a daring incarnations even brighter. Soft, cool blue is particularly important when used in super-soft cotton, canvas, or style vest and traditional villages, the cakes are gently exhibitions showing chic.

Darwin Club, fabric and style

Encouragement for natural scientists. In 2009 coincided with the 200th anniversary of the great naturalist Charles Darwin, in spring 2010 men and boys was professor of botany professionals paleontology style to make tribute to the scientist.

Color: natural selection, color, of course, taken from the wild, gold and emerald green on tone of all added a strange feeling.

Details: wrinkles, creases, scratches rainbow thin, woven mesh, style mashup Flash effect, a new adventure. leisure suits, or outdoor equipment unconventional.

trackball navigation

Characteristic high school students basic marine style, is the elegance of this season is beautiful, neo-classical, high quality of worship.

Color: Matt, the hair feel, and slightly biased tone of gray brown powder with a white line. Is it not common to the summer terrace yellow and brown.

Details: a keen sense of the structure of a knitted fabric, the style of dress, short jacket, very fine pitch lines, pipes, decoration, tie the same color, and color of the scarf in the summer.

Monster attack

Ren wandering imagination, the monsters can also be superhuman. For mankind so far, science fiction, humor can save in deep despair.

Colour: bold and unconventional. In black and white like the heart, a strong harmonic pink around the pieces of light and color as the background of a clear rhythm.

Details: irregular bright flash shirts, jackets shiny coating pilot PV, catchy and t-shirts, designing cartoons, the texture of the simulation. For the pleasure and happiness revealed scriptures.

New Hippie

Super science fiction, animation, cool, post-modernism, new realism, the success of the soul generation hippie to escape reality.

Color: shades of elegant color, but dull for spices, but it became a most innovative and interesting variations.

Details: The sense of national identity with the basis of color, silk fabric, a spiral of colors exaggerated the rainbow, the Turkish style of dress pants, low crotch.

Elegant Technology

We are in final a human or mouse? But no matter who we are, "high tech fabric moves towards a new style of science" elegant evolution and technology. "

Color: The color sophisticated and elegant as cells, a slight bias neutral peach mixture Sports turquoise, red and orange.

Details: Technology mercerized sense of appearance, compact structure, is extremely lightweight and delicate. Campaign Details, thin films, inspired by a laboratory coat leisure coat long, very new.

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