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Why does everyone say I'm very tasteful and cheerful?

everyone says I'm very tasteful and cheerful. I went to the nail salon and could not not decide between pink or powder blush pink as my base for my first pedicure. I could not choose between the sea foam green or light blue with clear lacquer for my second base. my mom says as tasteful and cheerful, even funny. I said I'm not very good taste and cheerful that you can not choose. everyone in the store under my nails mother. i makeup that looks natural, but in hot pink accents. I walk with a bounce and wear high heels with open toe.Always threatening and affirming. Singing a happy song aloud. Always smiling. I wear flip flops, grosgrain ribbons, printed skirts, peas, stripes, diamonds or diamond pearl stud earrings. I know I am polite and bubbly and I have a lot of bright colors. but this makes me very tasteful and cheerful than she?

I'm sorry, but I personally think so is a good thing

Colorful wedding bouquets

Who said that the wedding flowers should be all white? Flower color can be a great way to inject personality and style to her wedding. Here are some ideas for color bridal bouquets for all different types of wedding ceremonies.

Even a very formal wedding can benefit from a little color in wedding bouquets. As far as the flowers you select are smart enough, adding color in any manner prejudicial to the formality of the ceremony. Roses are an excellent choice, because both are traditional and are available in a beautiful palette of colors. For an autumn wedding, bouquets of roses in shades of autumn terracotta, yellow sunflowers, rich reds and striking the perfect environment. Extras hypericum berries and red velvet ribbons increases the effect.

colored flowers are always fun for a wedding summer. Make your garden romantic wedding bouquets with pink flowers and green for all women in marriage. Lush pink peonies and hydrangeas are green Living a winning combination. Bouquet grosgrain striped pink and green ribbon is wrapped around the factor of good taste, or splurge on beautiful watercolor painted ribbons of all Flower color of a little luxury.

It is very easy to get a large informal wedding bouquets in bright colors. Gerbera daisies, fuchsia, orange and yellow are festive and happy on a hot summer day. Mixture of wildflowers in shades of purple, yellow, pink and orange that will be met the morning of the wedding. Spring brides can enjoy the combination of classes mini daffodils yellow, pink hyacinth purple and white.

exotic bouquets can also colored. The hottest trend will improve their flowers with peacock feathers costume. Remove some of the nuances in the feathers and flowers. Dark purple with reflections of gold and green flowers look stunning peacock feathers. Ate the whole with a large golden bow. For the bridesmaids, the echo effect with fewer feathers. You can go further and choose gifts from jewelry bridesmaid in certain colors of feathers. A dress a bridesmaid neutral tone, but it would be glamorous than gold the perfect gift for bridesmaid jewelry in a variety of colors of peacock.

Brides who like the style of flowers with deep colors can be sophisticated get the appropriate level of drama and elegance with flowers of purple and red combination. After all, colorful flowers should not be brilliant. These rich colors are especially beautiful wedding late winter. Roses and orchids are among the best types of flowers for bouquets dark. If you want to make bouquets, even elegant, adding crystals, jet tear will be spectacular. Or introduce some shine as bright berries and curved branches.

You really forget to have fun and express themselves with colorful wedding bouquets. They can also be decorated closing ceremony, or a fabulous pop of color in designing a plan other white. Anyway Regardless, colorful flowers will make your ceremony unique feel optimistic.

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