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I try to make a quilt for camouflage. Anyone have any idea?

I thought about making three vertical bands of brown, beige, dark green and a lighter / medium green, then take the form of camouflage with the chalk outline on the black wire to connect to the cotton fabric. I never made a quilt before so any help would be greatly appreciated! I tried to look online for some info, but what we have is plain fabric. Thanks! I mean, camouflage material, but nothing about makeing a camo comforter. I want to make a quilt of fabric materials not camouflage.

Here is an online source for 65 different camouflage fabrics. It would much easier for you to start with patterned fabrics, and then try to rely on forms of camouflage and describe the quilting process. Here is the website for padding the beginners. Http:// quilting machine takes much practice and appropriate tools. Since this is your first quilt, I suggest you bring your knitting and either use the method of tying the quilt together or if the attack quilting machine, buy a step by step to your sewing machine. This will make the process easier. Here is a machine quilting website to help you. I hope this information is useful for you. Good luck.

Quilting Arts â € "What is it exactly?

Art quilting has become very popular in recent years, more women and men to take a step beyond traditional quilting and embark on this very creative. But what exactly is a patchwork of art?

A quilt art is most often defined as having the basic features of a quilt is a layer of batting between the two layers of fabric held together with no seams But that's where the similarity ends.

As graffiti art traditional art Quilt includes the same elements and principles of design and is intended to hang on a wall, but because of the nature of the tissue can be manipulated or cut into any shape or size and has a tactile quality and the surface texture design does not appear in art painted. surface ornament of art can Duvet provide additional interest and texture.

Special Techniques

Quilting Arts requires special techniques Quilting used to create the surface structure and texture of the art quilt some of which include:

â € ¢ © Applied: hand, machine, raw edge, lit the fuse, reverse
â € ¢ Implementation of color: hue hand dyeing, equality, drawing, painting on canvas
â € ¢ Beautification: accession to the hand stitching
â € ¢ Embroidery: hand, machine, free standing
 € ¢ Machine points: decorative hand quilt false, zig-zag Satin-point, double needle
â € ¢ connected: curves, straight strip
â € ¢ Quilting: Hand, machine without moving
â € ¢ Topic: thread painting, free motion embroidery, quilting free work coil, making

These special techniques art of the quilt can be studied through books or live workshops or online courses. They are fun to learn and provide Quilter of art with its own range of skills Quilter unique art. There are also many groups online art quilt that provides information and resources for art quilts that want to expand further.

Additional techniques

Additional technical art quilt can be used to create interesting shapes and textures and unusual design elements. Some of these techniques include:

â € ¢ Felt
â € ¢ Photo transfers
â € ¢ enfoliadora
â € ¢ Use a heat gun to anxiety tissue
â € ¢ Use of paper and plastic as structural elements


Art has always been an expression of ourselves and our environment, a reflection of our thoughts and dreams, and can be subjective or objective, and is So quilting art. The only difference is the medium - fabric and thread rather than oils or watercolors; hitter instead of canvas. In addition, the ability to add more surface embellishment and texture through the use of special techniques art quilting.

The trip to the quilt Art is a passion and seduction and can be very rewarding. Whether as a hobby or leisure a form of serious art is a great outlet for self-expression.

About the Author

Linda Matthews is a textile artist, designer and teacher, and her website offers an abundance of inspiration, education and motivation in the creative aspects of textile and quilt art.


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