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Pasta Recipes

Recipes macaroni.

Macaroni house.

Four cups of flour, add egg, well beaten, and enough water to make a paste that can be rolled. Roll thin on a plate and cut into strips. Dry in the sun. The best solution this is a wooden frame on which a square of cheesecloth made forcefully, on which the macaroni may be laid in a manner not touch not, then covered with cheesecloth to keep dust during drying.


Place a cup of macaroni width in boiling water and cook until tender. When finished, emptied completely, then add a quart of milk hand, if you can buy a little salt and mix the beaten egg and heat until thickened and serve hot.

Macaroni with cream sauce.

Cook macaroni according to instructions of the procedure, and serve with a cream sauce prepared by heating a little pint of rich milk into boiling in a water bath. When boiling, add a heaping tablespoon of flour, rubbed his watch gave in a little milk and a teaspoon Salt quarter. If desired, sauce can be a pleasure to soak in milk before thickening for ten or fifteen minutes, a slice of onion or a few celery sticks, then remove with a fork.

Penne with tomato sauce.

Place a cup of macaroni boiling milk and water in equal parts. Boil for one hour, or until perfectly tender. During this time prepare the sauce by rubbing a pint of stewed or canned tomatoes through a sieve to remove all seeds and fragments. Bring to a boil, Thicken with a little flour, a tablespoon of beer is the proportion required. Add salt and if desired, half-cup of thin sweet cream. Dish the macaroni into individual boxes and serve with sauce poured over each plate.

Macaroni baked with granola.

Cook a large cup of macaroni in boiling water until tender milk and water. When you are finished, Drain and put a layer of macaroni in the bottom of a bowl of milk and sprinkle with a teaspoon of little grains. Add a second layer and third and sprinkle with granola, then turn it off with a cream sauce prepared by mixing one liter of milk, well beaten yolks of two eggs or one whole egg and a fourth teaspoon salt. Care must be taken to arrange the macaroni in layers easily, so that the sauce easily be extended to whole. Bake in oven for few minutes until the cream is well placed to serve.

Eggs and macaroni.

Cook a cup of macaroni in boiling water. While macaroni is cooking, boil the egg yolks until that four mealy. The whole egg may be used if caught so the yolks are mealy in the gelatin completely white, not wet. When macaroni is done, drain and put a layer of meaning loose in the bottom of a bowl of milk. Cut the cooked egg yolks and spread a layer of them on Macaroni. Fill the dish with alternate layers of pasta and eggs, taking care that the top layer of macaroni. Pour over all a cream sauce prepared as follows: Heat one and three fourths cup of rich milk to a boil, add a quarter teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon of flour storage rubbed smooth in a little cold milk. Cook until thickened, then turn over the macaroni. Sprinkle the surface with grated bread crumbs, and fry in hot oven for eight or ten minutes. Serve hot.

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