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rare earth magnets PLEASE HELP! 10 points best answer!? today I will buy, but some sources indicate that strong magnetic fields of the magnet can damage discs, maps, credit cards, magnetic identification, audio cassettes, videotapes or other devices. They can also damage televisions, VCRs, CRT monitors and others. Do not put magnets near electronic appliances. From someone who has actually worked with this type of magnets, can you tell me what I should do? I have an iPod, phone, computer, printer, TV, VCR, lamp, alarm clock, etc in my room. There are electronics in every corner of our house, but I need these magnets for a science project. Should I keep them out or something? I understand that these magnets are very strong, but is there as I can put away as 10 feet away from my team and not hurt? or outside completely? I am careful to have the magnets in the house

Rare earth magnets have at home will not cause problems. Do not do something like putting your wallet in one of them, put them on your TV, etc. .. Just keep a safe distance (about 5 feet Di) all the electronics. They do not hurt anything just to be in the house. Good luck with his science project.

You do not have to be perfect to be free of back pain

Do you have back pain if every part of your body were perfect? The answer must be ... No, it's pretty safe to say that there would be no pain when their bodies perfectly aligned, perfectly balanced and in perfect state of being.

But here is the thing that you do not have to be perfect to be pain free. In fact, you can have serious diseases such as spinal stenosis or even a herniated disc and have yet to pain, regardless of the type of work you have or how to develop the condition, or even the unique situation that is today.

Did not you think? Prestigious New England Journal of Medicine just reported.

They have published a study in which researchers performed an MRI density 98 persons who had no back pain. And the researchers found that nearly two thirds of them had some sort of disk status changes.

The researchers conclude:

"Many people without back pain have disk bulges or cuts ... Given the high prevalence of these findings and back pain, the discovery by MRI of bumps or protrusions in people with low back pain can often be a coincidence. "

Exactly. This is called having a bulge or protrusion of the disc and back pain have a match. A positive test can have a state and has no pain. In Indeed, millions of people with existing back problems right now that do not even know they have the condition and surly no pain.

How do you become one of those people?

Living with the disease and living without pain.

Allow me to mean something which can be uncomfortable for you listen. It is unlikely that your state will never disappear. This may seem daunting, but possible. Herniated discs are often no pumice themselves and then to heal their own way they were when they were 15. Spinal stenosis does not come and go.

And Yet you can still live without pain. In fact, you probably already have.

If after one minute of a day of the last outbreak without pain, which proved that you can have your condition without pain.

How is this possible? If this condition was not, what changes? All has to do with the alignment of your body, the position of his pelvis, the curvature of the spine and stabilize your body as a whole day advance.

Now, there are two ways to try to relieve the permanent irritation. Sure, you can undergo an operation. Is a option to treat your pain. But most surgeries at least 3-5 years. Why? Because not agree why the condition became symptomatic first. In other words, do not fix what is really the cause of his condition for development - Just remove the irritant that causes pain.

So what? I understand that you think you have tried everything, chiropractors, physical therapy, cortisone injections, acupuncture, Massage, anti-inflammatory and probably 20 others. But yourself a question. Answer honestly.

Has anyone seen Once your body as a whole and specifically stated that their postural dysfunctions are and what in particular is causing your body to look like this?

one left write to you why the pool is the way it is? Did they tell you exactly what muscles are tight, weak muscles and then give you a very specific and very targeted corrective program to achieve postural balance and stability, which is the most important thing you can do to relieve their pain and take control of your life?

Stability is everything when looking for pain relief

The only way to stop the irritation is to take your body to a more neutral state more balanced and stable. When you do, everything works better back, hips, shoulders, your SI joint, everything. Once your body is balanced and stable as you can do all things you enjoy doing and do it with confidence that are safe, strong and protected against further injury.

Following the NEJM, you not be perfect to eliminate pain. All work to create a more balanced and neutral body. When you work for stability Basin, help you keep your spine neutral. Then use your body as it was intended to be used.

Here's how you can have this disease and have no pain. You probably will not need surgery. You do not wake up every morning last. You back to your life and do what I do.

Why is it so different muscle balance therapy?

First, you must understand that there is no single set of exercises that can specifically help a herniated disc or spinal stenosis or Another Status of this issue. I ask you not to search the Internet for back pain exercises and just do some old or exercise without knowing why background are.
You must also understand that the correction of the exercise therapy program as muscle balance is not based their diagnosis, but rather corroborating evidence, both physical and visual assessments are used to ensure that you are doing the right thing and as safe as possible for you the program and the current situation.

Muscle Balance Therapy is based on the biomechanical principles of balanced and stable your body the best work of his body and reduced the pain in. So before you start you must first know which muscles are out of balance, which means that we need to know exactly what muscles are tight and weak. Once we know these, then we can create a very specific segment and specific exercise program to restore the balance. And another Once comes only to the specific evaluations ...

Let me comment on that point once more, there is no such thing as a single format and the exercise back pain diagnosed health hernia disc or stenosis. So when you ask me, I had MRI and was just diagnosed with 4 disc herniation, degenerative disc disease at all levels, spinal stenosis and oh she was born with scoliosis and 17 years ago, I was in a serious car accident, your system work for me the answer is yes ...

In fact, I say to all that good to know the exact diagnosis, but now forget, you can not change the facts and you can not change the past. Instead, focus your energy on things you know you can edit and restore the balance you will restore function.

This brings us to the third aspect unique muscle therapy and balances that we must do what we call balance training. This means that you will not benefit to strengthen or stretch your muscles all blind basis. This is not the way forward.

Reason is that you could be stretching or strengthening muscle groups that should not be stretched or strengthened and you may worsen your condition. Here's the secret: The difference between the pain of having and not having pain is expressed in millimeters of movement and the more specific the physical approach faster and safer than the results will be.

The fourth difference is not in our exercises, because there are no new exercises in the world. Rather, it is the confidence you get knowing that you are the exercises do is to work the muscles in the best way possible for you and your situation.


Everyone has an approach can not be the answer to all the circumstances possible, and we know that, so here's the secret, how to work with therapy, muscle balance and address issues of root causes, such as the balance physical and postural stability, please understand that we invite you to look the same procedures that have failed before, everybody has value in the healing process, but not before the important things first address.

You know the list of things you've tried, I support that the duration of the massage, investment, supplements, Trigger Point Therapy, carpets to name a few all the work to accelerate the healing and help you achieve optimal health for the rest of his life.

Is it a perfect treatment muscle balance? S close. Everyone in relief 100% of the pain? Longer.

I can honestly say there is no 100% chance you will improve its current state. We a list of 50 ways your body and your life will benefit and 100% of the pain is all the measures of security. Therefore, it boils down to this: Would you agree with 80%, 60%, even 50% reduction in pain yet able to do all the things you enjoy doing? Will improve your quality of life?

I spent the last 15 years of my life and support both personal and professional sacrifices in order to create a safe approach and systematic process for all forms of back pain that can be used by young and old alike. And I was never more close, so I am now with the concept of muscle balance therapy to say that you just learned one of the best lessons with Back pain anyone can hear.

I'm not promising miracles, but I promise you a comprehensive and thorough, and safe management, treatment and even eliminate pain.

I have seen amazing results again and again for those who have made effort and believe in them know they are doing the right thing.

Let me leave you with this last thought, which I think has more power. The human body is inherently designed to help your car, we only individuals have to give our bodies what is necessary and eliminate what is not necessary, Muscle Balance Therapy is that the power to heal you regain control.

If I could Barrow a line from my good friend Bob Proctor, the remedy to ignorance is knowledge and respond to fear, anxiety and doubt is the study, understanding and faith. Faith based enthusiasm and excitement accelerates healing. How good is that!

So if I do not think they can not have their condition pain and let me show you what is possible. If you care and are full of doubt, I invite you to explore what is already available to you and you know, the better you will become.

That applies to all things and be faithful to the end of the world.

1. Jensen, MC, and al. al. MRI lumbar spine in people without magnetic back pain. N Engl J Med 1994, 331:69-73
2. Bob Proctor, the winners of the image, © 1995 -2008

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