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Eliot Spitzer appeared again in 2007, on the cover of a magazine called 02 138. Ironic. Your thoughts?

In 2007, Eliot Spitzer, is presented in a magazine called 02 138. This is the name of the magazine. The name of the magazine is the number of 02 138. The magazine success stories of the Association Alumni of the University of Harvard. The magazine cover was a picture of Eliot Spitzer and his wife. Title the article is "Power Couples" The incident that Eliot Spitzer was meeting a hotel room on February 13, 2008. This could be written as the Month: February 2nd Day: 13 Year: August, 2008 o: 02 138 I think the irony is incredible. What do you think?]

That does not sound surprising. Have you seen this online? Do you think anyone could have changed the name of the magazine before the image 02 138 New Internet?

The first step to success - Magazine Advertising Metrics

The stress to improve reservoir performance marketing no way been greater. The backdrop to the media is as demanding as it is fragmented. The trust established large-scale promotions TV is giving way to non-traditional ideas guaranteed to divide during the confusion of consumers of advertising and promotion in opposite directions. When evaluating different media conspirators magazines for advertising promotion, are ready for a large collection of parameters in its office. This was done to test the power of a magazine against another in achieving their initiatives. These indicators show a reasonable intensity if the ad in a magazine will have the exact impact in another journal. The main objective of this process is to obtain a higher return on boards advertising, to that extent, it can bind to promoters of the metric of consumers is essential.

Recently, the development of parameters have varied from a direct consideration of having a good overview of the growing popularity of busy readers. From the last five years was an attempt to develop responsibility and commitment to partnership that the media play in promoting the production, especially in the middle publishing. There have been several studies conducted by the Association of the journal of publication, its main objective was to promote the role and the value of the metric to improve the effectiveness of advertising. In fact, there are several tools available to solve the perfect media Plan each with their advantages and disadvantages different.

The researchers opted for a promotion advertising one brand in three different categories of products for research. These three products have been recommended pharmaceutical medicine, a clothing brand and consumer packaged good depth knowledge. samples of arbitrary size many consumers have been recruited by the representative and discussed the issues magazine in which three promotions ad appeared. So a good reader of the magazine exposed a few of these developments correspond to the probing of their connection to the magazine. This study captured the impact of certain variables to prove the effectiveness of advertising, without But most often ahead of the Planner control direct printing. These efforts include the copy, the frequency of potential exposure to the campaign and the participation category.

Fully 26.6 percent of the inconsistency in the recall of advertising has been noted as a significant development in previous studies attempted to identify factors predictive of the effectiveness of advertising. Magazine and the participation of the quality of the public seems to be both predictors strongest of the effectiveness of advertising. In addition, this research was that aspects of recovery varies from product to product. These variations However, it can be partly attributed to individual characteristics in promoting the event. the quality of advertising is effective largest contributor imperative solitary advertising in two of the three product categories studied. Advertising qualities are defined by five dimensions which are valued by respondents. These five dimensions are chosen because they are mainly used in the tests made by advertisers and is then condensed into two parts. The most important point that has the power of persuasion, communication and credibility. This impression has recommended that ads ability to convey the central message of a persuasive manner is even more important than their ability to attract the attention and seemed to be.

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