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Sunbrella on mattress, weatherproof?

I want to put a sunbrella outdoor fabric mattress cover on a regular old mattress. Will it be weatherproof? Will the mattress get any moisture? Any places or sites you can recommend that make sunbrella fabric mattress covers?

According to the Sunbrella fabric site:
"Everyone loves to spend time outside. From the ocean to the mountains, and all points in between, Sunbrella lets you bring out your inner sense of style. Our tough, long-lasting fabrics handle the worst Mother Nature can give, year after year. From the baking sun to endless rain, furniture featuring Sunbrella fabric looks great in any season, and is backed by the best limited warranty in the business.

The durability that makes Sunbrella ideal for the great outdoors will give you peace of mind on indoor furniture as well. Best of all, Sunbrella is now available in the rich colors, luscious textures, exquisite patterns and soft hand that you love on your indoor furniture. Indoors or out, Sunbrella has you covered."

So apparently the fabric is weatherproof, though you'll have to do something about the seams in any cover you have made for the mattress.

The site here:
does custom sewing, including covers made in Sunbrella fabric.

And a discussion on this site:!&number=7&topic=000021.cgi&TopicSubject=outdoor+futon+use&replyto=0

is about futons used on a covered porch. The person who posted here asks about cushions covered in Sunbrella and the responder has some good advice. Please note that she recommends that the cushions--or in your case the mattress--should be covered first with a waterproof mattress cover. That's a sensible piece of advice, isn't it?

Good luck with your project.

Outdoor Chair Cushions – Outdoor Chair Cushions You Can Buy Online

A new set of outdoor chair cushions can make your patio, backyard, swimming area, or deck look almost brand new.  Nothing says dingy and dirty like old outdoor chair cushions that have stains on them, are torn, or just are not comfortable.  The great news is that you can find great deals online to replace your outdoor cushions.

One place that I like to shop online is Target.  Target has a great selection of outdoor  chair cushions (at least 90 the last time I checked), and you can find certain items online that are not available in stores.  Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Patio Cushion Collection - Tropical

This is a collection of tropical cushions.  Each of these items will run you anywhere from $29.99 to $39.99.

The first is your basic pair of seat cushions.  These cushions are 4” thick, can be washed with soap and water, and are fade resistant to help keep their new look.  They are attached to the chair with seat ties.  This pair costs $29.99

Then you can get a set of wicker seat cushions that are 4” thick.  One inch might not sound like a lot of difference, but you can real feel the extra comfort that a 4” cushion provides in just a matter of minutes.  The wicker set costs about $39.99.

Finally you can buy the chaise cushion which is a single cushion for both the seat and the back.  It is one of the thinnest at 2.75” so beware, but it also 74.5” long and 24.5” wide.  Expect to pay $39.99 for these outdoor chair cushions.

Reversible Wicker Chair Cushions – Blue & Green Floral / Stripe

If you want cushions with higher quality,this might be what you are looking for.  These are reversible cushions that require washing just half as much as single-side cushions.  They are much thicker at 5” and are 17” x 19” in size.  The review says that they will hold their color up to 600 hours of direct sunlight, so they may be more suited for a covered patio area than outside in the direct sun.  You can get a set of 2 of these for $59.99.

Sleeper Cushion – Sunbrella Fabric (23”x75”)

If you spend a considerable amount of time using your outdoor furniture, you need to move up in quality to ensure your comfort.  That is what these outdoor chair cushions were designed for – extreme comfort.  These are 5” thick.  The seat cushion is 48” long and the back is 27”, and they are 23” wide.  They can be cleaned with soap and water and attached to the furniture using seat ties.  Be prepared to pay $130 - $150 for this set.

All of the products above can be purchased online at Target and come with free shipping.  You will find many products online that are not available in stores, but don’t despair if you are not happy with the product.  The outdoor chair cushions can be returned to any Target location.

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