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Where are the candidates on immigration?

Last night, I heard some things about reducing spending and programs that are not necessary. I am sure that many programs are reduced as the Americans for help. So where do you stand on the people who come our country, work and pay taxes and participate in programs that taxpayers can do (and often do not qualify for them.) It's a waste. I agree they work hard and do an excellent job.

I have curiosity, what do you think that taxes when employers are responsible for the retention, etc? NAFTA and exploitation of workers Mexico has led many to keep looking for work here in the states. NAFTA rules require a fair wage to those of Mexico and disincentives to send our jobs overseas.

A simple way to reduce your monthly expenses

One of the business models of the most successful in the business world is also something you should try to reduce your monthly expenses.

The business model is a system of recurring revenues. earnings Recurring are a wonderful way to make money if you own a business. To better understand this system, think of your cable or satellite. Each month we'll send a payment to your supplier for its programming. How often does the vendor that sold you on your service? Once! How many times have you pay for the service. Each month.

Of course, society has to offer an excellent service and programming each day, but only sell once. After purchase, you are more likely to remain a long-term customer. Thus his recurring revenues. When a company sells its service once and send a check each month, make a fortune.

So how can help reduce your costs? Simple. You seek the services you have subscribed to one and still send money every month. Then look at how many of you really need. If it is difficult to cut, consider this: If it is a great system to earn money for the company, is a huge money drain for you.

Of course, some of its recurring revenue accounts are essential, like water, electricity and gas. In these cases, seek ways to reduce their consumption to reduce your monthly costs.

But here are among the most ignorant monthly bills could easily reduce:

* Extras for your telephone company, such as transmitting caller ID call, calls, voice mail (it's much cheaper to buy Answering a pay monthly voice mail), etc. Check your phone bill and ask yourself: "I really need this service? "These small additions really add up over time.

* TV. Move your cable or satellite service at a subscription price lower. Or better yet, try going without it for a while. Yes, you can live without TV ... And it's not that things are tight. We will be a prize TV you see when you're in better financial conditions.

* Your mobile phone subscription. They can be some of the greatest hog money around. See if you can reduce your rate plan. You can usually do so without incurring additional costs.

* Internet. Find a cheaper monthly plan. Many services offer a cheaper service to a much more impressive low monthly rate. Shop around and see if you can reduce your costs. And some people pay a lot of web hosting services do not produce income. Ask yourself whether you really need websites.

* Financing. If you think that why companies offer financing on their products, not only because it offers a convenient way to pay. Because lot of money in the agreements. Each time you buy a product in terms of funding, be it a car, a refrigerator, or anything else, you choose to pay more for the product. Of course, 0% interest loans are a great tool, but some of them come with hidden charges, you must So be careful. Try to pay in full all the time. You save big.

There are many subscription plans you sell once made money every month. Take your bills and see what they have a type of recurring revenue model. Then evaluate each and see where reductions can be made.

And remember, you do not just make a cut at some point. It is a court you love every two months from now!

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