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Swarovski Crystal may be in the heart of a pendant?

I have a beautiful crystal heart with my boyfriend gave me the room and I want to she had put in a pendant of a necklace is that possible?

Sure. A jeweler can make a mount for it, or drill a small hole to connect the chain. Sounds like it would be great too. ♥

Using Swarovski Crystal Centers For Your Wedding Day

There are many details to take into account to make your wedding experience everything absolutely unbelievable to you, your family and friends. Would you try to make every moment memorable for all your loved ones who have invited to share their day special. I will discuss how to decorate tables really catch the eye when you walk in the door until they give on their shoulders to get a last look before the end of the day.

Since I have done wedding day sparkle with Swarovski crystal centers, are come with a lot of games through my own creativity. I also received many ideas for working with the brides themselves have the imagination come to life. The arrangements and the songs I tell of this article are only the beginning, please let your imagination as you read this article and think about what is possible.

Let's start with the bouquets and floral arrangements on your tables at the reception. Swarovski rods are very versatile, stainless steel rods can be bent to work on arrangements that hover on stage with the bays, the stems can be cut Shorter nestled in the center of roses, or even falling on the edge of the model ivy hanging below the flowers.

The crystals can be integrated All adding to your decor with votive candles and glass crystal Swarovski "Flat Back" attached to them in the heart of young and wedding rings. I always thought it would be sufficient to determine if a table with bowls or tall, thin vases with floating candles in them. You bulk crystals set in the bottom of the water, then set the votive candles decorated around them with tea. This could be a scenario very simple and elegant for a wedding formal or informal. A key feature is that Swarovski crystals are very bright, even in low light.

Another way to get the shine on the table is to have crystals in their favor. Crystals improve the subject to establish the place of all and give them a souvenir of the day in the years to come. You can set markers Swarovski crystal wine glass glass of all, imagine how it would be nice when they are raised for a toast. You can also use Swarovski Crystal napkin as a means of bringing the glamorous the table and have a light-heavy in the wallet, but for glow-in-the-all friends and family at home.

As mentioned earlier, it just a scratch on the surface of possibilities that can be created from crystals. It is easy to create a glamorous settings and fantasy the windows that will last in your heart and your mind forever.

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Penny Olson is the owner and designer for Brilliant Wedding Jewelry
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