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Why does my green pool water?

It has a saltwater chlorinator. I tested a water sample that showed OK, you only need one small amount of acid. During the last week, water has turned green and I can not see the bottom of the pool.

shock algae and other chemicals available Bring a sample of your pool Guy - they will tell you

The pools of salt water: are they really better?

salt water pools can cause damage to your environment, your equipment pool, and their skin, not to mention your overall health. Because the chemicals used to treat pools of salt water, it is ie, chlorine may be harmful to your health, would be a good idea to explore other options available to you.

The water pools of salt water splash can kill vegetation that is near the pool chemicals are sprayed with water. harsh chemicals can do terrible things to your pool equipment and decoration of all those you may have about the pool too. formations near decorative pools of salt water are known to deteriorate and decay of chlorine and harsh chemicals are used to treat salt salt water pools.

pools of salt water and chemicals used to clean water can cause a sensation of dryness skin and eyes causes, making them red and swollen. The chlorine in pools of salt water may cause discoloration of hair and may fade swimsuit. The bright colors of her dress bright orange or bright pink swim does not want to remain strong with prolonged use in saltwater pools.

Chlorine, used to treat swimming pools salt has been linked to possible incidents of asthma. The inhalation of chlorine in lungs is dangerous and can be painful. Studies have also linked the chlorine to the bladder and rectum cancer and heart disease.

There are more natural cleaning systems so that you do not have to depend on the salt and chlorine products in swimming pools corrosive chemical salt water. A system for purifying water by copper ions and ion including a natural oxidation process of oxygen is such a method who cleans the pool water. Drinking water naturally with a process of purifying water is sparkling clean and cleaning from a longer period over time, regardless of the number of swimmers using the pool.

own salt water swimming pools with chlorine are subject temperature changes, sun exposure and rain, and swimmers in the pool, the shortest period of time it stays clean. You constantly adjust the pH of the water in the pool to salt and chlorine to be effective. Chlorine can also produce an odor that is not natural for a pool.

Like salt water pools are not safe for you, your children, family and friends who are not safe for animals of the family either. You not want to expose their animals to the harsh chemicals in pools of salt water, allowing them to get in the water. Young Children and pets are more likely to get a higher dose of toxins because their body before and therefore, their physical systems, are more small.

If you take a sip of water from pools treated with chemicals, not in good taste and the ingredients go directly to the cells and tissues of your body will not be healthy. If you choose a purification system with ions of copper ions, which does not taste nearly as bad and if they drank two liters of water, the total amount of copper that would be ingested in relation to what is contained in a supplement of vitamin

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