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Is it illegal to wear identification tags with all the required information in the military?

I mean, if I can buy a pair of Dag and print all tags military information ... ....... Name No Name ..... blood ... Religion .... Because I am only 14 and live in the UK, if I put the plates, "I I pretend that I'm in the United States military?

I'm in the U.S. Army and is not illegal. The dog tags is not considered a form valid identity ... Of course, you end up listing all the information that someone needs to steal your identity in a small piece of metal. The only reason we have these labels is that if someone is injured, we have information identification and, in particular blood type transfusion if necessary.

Meta Tag - You are! How to use meta tags effectively

A number of urban legends that suggest online meta tags and use for they are dead and no longer need to create effective Web pages. Many people think that search engines are too smart to search the meta-tags. Ce But it is completely false.

Search engines have become smarter, but the meta tags are as important as ever. Search engines today compare the words in the title, keywords and description of articles to help users find the best possible results from search engines. Target tags are essential for good results from search engines.

For those who find this term, meta-tags are pieces of HTML code on sites That are used by Web search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN to index a website. Most meta tags are placed in the header code of a webpage.

There are a number of possible meta-tags meta tag including the abstract, the author meta tag, meta description tag copyright Meta tag label distribution target expires meta tag, meta tag keywords, meta language tag, meta refresh tag, meta tag back, and robots metatag.

The most important meta-tags and most popular title, description, keywords and meta tags. different search engines are different rules on how the meta tags used to format and number of characters that are allowed to contain.

Most search engines use various combinations of meta tags, so it is important to be patient with the process. The title tag must be either the name of your company and some keywords. Some search engines rely on the name that the link from your own site. This means that if you do not include a title, customers are not. You can see some like this: no title.: Not many people click on a site without a title. Keywords with the title of your help to improve your SEO.

Because research shows that most cover only the first ten results of a search engine sends them, with a rank can be good for your business. It is also important to remember that many sites list sites alphabetically. Usually, these sites give preference with written symbols. This means that: # 1 Dog Information and Product Site: before: The best dog site on the Internet.

It are many things to discuss with meta tags, however, and there are many things to learn, so do not take a piece of information in this way and focus only on him.

The Meta description tag is a good place to repeat the words he used in the meta tag title and add few key phrases while you're there. We do not just want something to call the attention of a search engine, but there is something is understandable to the human eye.

Some search engines use the meta tag to describe your site to search engines, but if your label is only to divert the attention of search engines, it is likely that users will not be inclined to do so click on a bad description.

To get the most out of their use of meta tags, follow these tips. Firstly, using different tools keywords Internet to find the best keywords for your website. Many different websites offer a keyword tool, and some of them are focused on activity pay per click advertising, but many of them are free. It is important to note, however, that these tools can be inaccurate, you should pay attention and be sure to use more than one tool to help you find the right keywords to include in their meta tags.

Second, make sure manually submit to all major search engines available. Some companies have created software that will help you do it quickly and efficiently, and if the technology is not really your cup of tea, which may help.

Finally, make sure its content and all its pages use keywords that included in their meta tags. Remember that search engines are smarter than they were. If you put keywords in your meta-tags they do not reflect the contents of the site, your ranking is unlikely to be so high, and customers may also be reluctant to click into place.

Effective use of meta tags can really improve your website traffic. This can only mean good things in store for you and your business.

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