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Become an expert in the steel belt

On October 30, 2009 Berndorf Band, Austria, Vienna and its partners in the Far East, Thailand, guests from the Austrian police trade customers of the particle / MDF Board of Industry, Chemical Industry and industry food to help open the new training center band Berndorf South Asia. A total of 42 customers of all types of industries have been able to obtain a first impression the new facility.

Located at Thai German Institute (TGI) in Chonburi, Thailand, only 45 minutes from Bangkok International Airport, the training and workshop facility offers a wide range of possibilities for a better understanding and greater knowledge of the steel belt. The main objective of this center is, of course, methods of training for professional staff repairing all types of users of the steel strip. Beside that also seminars workshops will be held in future - Although not linked to the site.

Only certified coaches Berndorf Band, Austria, will take place during basic training, advanced and special training in schools. The space of 160 m2 of the training center offers space for four (4) people train students simultaneously. A steel conveyor installed allows the simulation of repair on site. Berndorf Band also use new institutions were also training sessions internal organizations of the Asia department of India in New Zealand.

"Feedback from our customers has been positive while During programming, "said Dietmar Hoedl, Berndorf Band Regional Director, responsible for the event. Herbert Schweiger, Director General Berndorf Band added: "This shows that our idea of providing technical expertise and information to extend the life of steel belt is the right way

Far East of Vienna (1987) Co., Ltd., along the strip called Berndorf partner in South Asia and Pakistan is responsible promotion, marketing and coordination of activities in the training center Berndorf Band Southeast Asia. Dr. Karl Reichstett, CEO of Vienna, the Far East, said: "We hope to welcome customers to our market area and across Asia - the training center of Southeast Asia for expansion perfect to Austria, which has existed for over 10 years. "

Stainless steel conveyor Berndorf Band were one of the main products Sales and service the Far East of Vienna (1987) Co., Ltd. for over 15 years. We provide custom belts, repair and installation throughout Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Pakistan. We supply stainless steel conveyor belts, process belts and solid carbon steel. Belts Our main application lies in the chemical industry, food industry and the timber industry.

For many years in the Far East Vienna (1987) Co., Ltd. has provided knives chipboard, cutting and steel cutting industry. We provide quality knives BoehlerMiller shredder. In addition, the supply of cutting blades for industrial cutting and rules Viking steel punches and Martin Miller pins Gerdin. We are a leading provider of hot knife and cold cutting knives to cut steel service centers throughout Thailand.

Next belts Steel is a steel tape VFE refrigerating machines related units such as conveyors Pastilla, the steel ladders and Correa second-hand machinery. Beside that we can offer tailor-made machines such as acrylic sheets or press lines for various dual-band industries. Any kind of industry, we must satisfy. Please send your specifications and we will send you the solution.

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