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Cleaning chair decorative posts?

I have an old chair. It's a bit cheap, but if it is black and shone all the studs just above it may seem good to ride in a local parade with my painting in black and white. I bought nickel finish, round spots Tandy Leather 1/2in. They are slightly rounded quantities two small tabs that pass through the skin and flatten them to keep them. This is the same as the existence because the holes are aligned, where the elderly are missing. I can replace all those in the wings, but can not replace the chair, because I to remove the wool from the bottom of the chair. I am looking for a way clean and restore the shine, while in the chair. As I have said is old and I do not mind doing a little messy, but I will not damage or something. It is black and I'm not too worried about stains unless the white spots or something. Any help is appreciated.

You need at least two cans of WD-40 to clean well.


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