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I have a house built in the 1940s with arched doors and furniture that I inherited my grandmother, including a channel supported by a couch that had been recovered in a ISH tufted fabric and a reason-Victorian chair was recovered in a red, gold and pattern green wallpaper, also I have two chairs that are in a sort of olive green with gold details. Currently I have a beige carpet in the room, but I want you and the need to update and I wonder if I should go with some thing a bit more elegant and minimalist have with other models (I have hardwood floors and wood paneling on the walls). I thought maybe go with a natural fabric such as jute or sisal or maybe something funky, like the shag leather. I have one month to six puppies, hence the need to replace the carpet.

With a puppy, I was far from natural sea grass and sisal, jute, these rugs are particularly difficult to clean. I think because they are terrible when you're in your bare feet, but that's just me. Shag Leather and are only slightly easier to clean, but all are disasters for a puppy. If your puppy will not have trouble chewing, I suggest you find a dark, busy style, good quality oriental carpets. They are incredibly easy to clean and there are many varieties you can get with little or no problems with the color to run Your puppy should have an accident. They are also incredibly well. You Mashad, Kashan and Kerman styles if you want to coordinate with antiques from her grandmother. If you want something more traditional, but with a bit more contemporary colors, designs Oushak see Peshawar. All Best to your decor!

Floral Wall Tapestry - Textures of an art form

floral tapestries have a unique texture not found in any other form of art. The combination of thread colors and weaves create a genuine experience of art that can change with every angle. These works of art that will last several generations and owning one is a good investment for your collection and wall decor.

When we look back in history, we find that tapestries began flourishing in France during the Middle Ages. The number of tapestries woven in this time has never been surpassed. They were considered a luxury item for royalty and very rich. On a practical level, the carpets are not only used as decoration, but also ensure privacy around beds, partitioned rooms, prevented the cold and isolated projects.

floral tapestries are very wide and varied. The topics range from contemporary to traditional floral still life. floral tapestries usually included decorative vertical panels with garlands, wreaths, scenes and dark green foliage.

For those who have expensive tastes, some companies specialize in short floral with of wool fabrics with natural dyes and handspun son with different methods of traditional weaving. Today, few are woven tapestries by hand. Most are machine and loom from son and modern techniques that allow us to appreciate works of art affordable. Some weavers use linen threads such as wool, silk, cotton, silver, gold and other fibers to produce beautiful images and color.

Floral tapestries carry with them the simple beauty of nature and spring. They bring their gardens at home. Whatever the outside temperature is, you Simply fill in the interior heat. They make your space fresh and elegant, and can also create an atmosphere of romance.

You can add these rugs in any room of your house, then see and be amazed at how the piece comes alive. It seems to capture the beauty of life and celebrates every point to give your home an atmosphere of unique sophisticated decor. The combination of visual appeal, resonance sound and practical to give this art form a beautiful and welcoming addition to any home. With the range of floral tapestries available selection Today, this form of wall art make the room together, because they will be able to choose a style corresponding to the theme of any room you want to block one of these works woven in.

They are available in different sizes, colors, patterns and shapes and can be customized with its own design and taste. Whatever your choice, it is sure to be an interesting topic of conversation.

Be sure to use light to maximize the effect of floral wallpaper. Adequate lighting to bring out all the details that was meant to be seen. This will to the focal point of the room. Because floral tapestries usually have so many vivid colors, the light should be shiny and black. White light illuminates the tapestry as it falls directly on the web.

It is preferable not to block the floral tapestry in direct sunlight. As with any attached the wall, the sun disappear over time the piece.

Before hanging up, check to see what your walls are made of. If they are made of plaster, you can hang your tapestries on the wall or an inch of the wall. If your walls are made of plasterboard, then use brackets and keep the tapestry two inches wall.

Once you have decided on your first floral tapestry fully embrace and energize to continue your search and explore ideas creative to add another splendid piece to your decor.

About the Author

Barbara Tobiasz resides in the Chicago area and studied at the Art Institute. She has consulted and volunteered her services for many organizations with her creative expressions in the interior design field. Her hobbies include reading, taking long walks with her dog and working her magic turning ordinary rooms into creative works of art. For more information on Floral Wall Tapestries, go to: http://www.Wall-Decor-Concepts.com


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