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Gothic Hair For 13 year Old?

Im looking for a new Gothic hairstyle. Ive got very long,straight Blonde hair (with no fringe) and would like to do something to it. I wouldn't like to get it cut too short but I would like a change? I've also considered coloured under-tones? And suggestions would be very helpful 😀
Thank you for all your positive feedback, some truly helpful tips on what I can do 😀 THANKS!!!!!

When I was your age i had the same problem. you don't want to try too hard or you'll be called a poser. Maybe a gothic lolita hairstyle would work good.
First you should trim your hair to remove any if you have them. to get bangs, i suggest using a straightner to get the side-swept bangs look. next curl your hair, the curls should be larger at the bottom. be sure to leave the tassle of hair in front of your ear straight, and DON'Tcurl your bangs!!!!
oh i forgot to say to cut your bangs across your forehead. you have 3 options on how to handel your hair, you can leave it down, put it in a pony-tail (leaving the two straight tassles of hair out) or do pig-tails ( same deal with the two tassels). if you have strict parents but still want to go through with colored under tones, i suggest temporary dye. a dark blue or a jet black would look cute with blonde.
and lastly, decorate your hair with lace bows on each side 🙂

Hope i could help 🙂

Decoration for the curtains and window

Curtains are materials that are hung on a window for decoration and other purposes. The main objectives are to provide sunlight privacy by category, and decoration.

If the window is visible on the streets or sidewalks, then curtains can be used for privacy. Translucent curtains like net curtains or curtains to block sunlight as partial. These types of curtains do not provide privacy, especially at night. Blackout curtains for privacy are of better quality.

The curtains also used to control the light to prevent glare, for sleeping during the day, or watching television, curtains concealment, etc. are suitable for light control. For the control of pure light or partial net type curtains are better suited.

The curtains are also used to increase the aesthetics of a room. An elegant curtain greatly increases the aesthetics part and gives an opulent look. However dirty or poorly matched curtains give a room a gloomy air. When the window opens onto a street that is better to reflect on the bottom of the curtain the curtain can be seen from the outside and dictate the appearance of the house.

Types of curtains.

There are many varieties of curtains available on the market today. Few of them are:

valance curtains. These tissues have the depth wheel, which typically part of the window and curtain rod is hidden. They usually play folds. The Folding titles can be decorated with ribbons, tassels and trimmings.

Cascade Curtains. Curtains cascade of two or more colors on the suspended window. The stands are hung from crossbars.

ruffled curtains. These types of fabrics for curtains threaded through the curtain up and lower.

Tie curtains. These curtains are gathered alongside the window and decorative set out in the bottom of the curtain with a hose or cord umbilical.

Cafe curtains. They are intended to cover only half of the window and held fixed. They are generally used in kitchens and bathrooms for privacy and become a scalloped sections.

Borders. The borders are structures mounted above the windows in fixing the curtain rods.

The choice of curtains depends on the purpose for which the curtains are being installed. Color, fabric and style of the room curtain gives a formal or informal. There are many bar eyelets, decorative borders, cordings, sleeves, beads, fringes, rings, available on the market to decorate curtains. Also to be considered for the safety of floor length curtains when pets and children are present in home.

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