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How could you share a line inches long on both sides of the length x and y so that x + y = 23 x 23 and the product is maximized?

The product xy is maximized when x = y. It, therefore, x = y = 23 / 2 = 11.5

Thanking Heaven: Mother's Day

Make Mom smile was one of my goals every day since childhood. Call really cliche but my MoMA € ™ is just absolutely amazing when she smiles. It is easy enough if you really like, but for some reason, it seems to be giddier when it flowers. But I had to ask why the flowers well with his appeal. She responded with a chuck and timid as to become a œbecause € mother, child € ™ s works appear automatically as masterpieces. This applies to very small things like flowers. I just great every time I get a € bunch.â Flores, of course, not always appear and be regarded as a plant cut. I think Mom scolded my brother, even a time when he spent a week total € ™ s compensation for this big bunch flowers for Valentine's Day.

Taking the workaholic mom a day at the spa is not only a thoughtful idea, but a great way to relax during this week the hell she just had. Most spas offer a package at least three hours that began by soaking the petals, followed by a scrub, mask and massage. To maximize the benefits Salaries € ™, ranting about an appointment the other day was not welcome.

Cooking definitely get breast with joy when you give flowers shaped stainless steel blades available basis in their Home Depot. These cutters are very useful, versatile and economical. Be a little more generous and the link with gum paste, cupcake shirts printed, and spray bottled. Look at your mother have to impress your guests with candy and mini cupcakes decorated with colorful flowers for the weeks to come.

A new form of bedding with their favorite flowers to give to the mother remains a good night's sleep domesticated € ™ s If the sky is the limit, take the mother of a shopping mall and store to your hearts. Get her these beautiful pin shaped Swarovski flowers. their compliment with a pair of shoes and clutch can be made at the gala next.

The key please our mothers with flowers motifs Back to the simple idea of recognizing their unconditional love. Remember what my mother said, it is perfectly logical Suppose that, like any other gift giving, itâ € ™ s what really counts. Flowers, one of the most recognizable symbols of love are equally Perfect your message: I love him and thank the heavens that Shea € ™ s law your side.

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