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i really need help on frinding a good sewing machine?

well, im kind of a begginner and not so advanced... but i really need help on what sewing maching will be good to sew on real designs or make a piece if clothing to wear .... please give me some suggestions

In the US, you're lucky, Machines are reasonably priced and most are of good quality. Plus, you're allowed to actually try the machines out at sewing machine dealers and shops there, and in some shops, you can get lessons for free when you buy a certain machine.

This is much harder to do in Europe and on average, the machines cost about 40% more here, for the same model sold back home in the States.

You can buy lower priced machines at Walmart and Amazon, and I am not knocking those options, I know people who have tried that. But as a beginner, you may want to test drive a few machines first.

Test driving sewing machines is like test driving a car! You'll buy the one that suits you best this way.

And, you're more likely to stick with this craft and gain skill at it, if you have a decent machine that does the job well for you.

Some sew "fast", some sew "easy", others will seem intuitive and easy to use right away, others not. Some will be plain sewers (straight and zig zag stitching), others will be fully loaded and computerized and perhaps be more complicated than you want to jump into right away.

I personally like mechanical machines best for plain sewing, as they cost less and are easier to fix if something goes wrong, they usually have straight and zig zag stitches, with a few variations, and are great for beginning sewers.

But for the most versatility, and to be able to move up in skill level as you learn and begin to really like sewing, plus to get many fancy stitches and different styles of automatic buttonholes, electronic or computerized is the only way to go.

If this is your first machine, you can expect to spend $200 and up for a decent basic mechanical machine, with stitch width variations and several zig zag or edging stitch options. Some in the price range offer up to 10 or more different stitches, and almost all are easy to use.

These lower priced mechanicals usually do not have auto buttonhole features, or drop in bobbins. Many of the cheapest models are mostly made of plastic or may not come with many accessories, such as extra "feet" to do zippers or ruffles, etc. Some do, however, and if you look around, you will find some real deals.

I got my first Singer Stylist thru a garage sale for $20, some 20 years ago, and was still sewing on it till last August, 2007, when we moved here to Europe.

If you can try before you buy and take someone who knows sewing with you, garage sales are great ways to get a good machine. If you know someone getting rid of a machine, try it out first and maybe buy from them.

Sadly, we are not all learning basic sewing skills these days, and when mom dies or goes into a nursing home, many people are left with machines they do not want or don't know how to use. Spread the word in your neighborhood, at school and/or church and you might find a deal on a used machine, pretty quickly.

Don't invest a lot in your first machine, regardless, as you may end up not liking sewing, or may want to step up a better machine sooner than you think, if you do like it. I hope you do like it!

1) Mechanical Machine recommendations: $200-$400

Janome 660

Singer Heavy Duty Mechanical Machine (possibly called the HD110)

Brother LS 2125i

Viking Husky Star line (NOT the low level E10 model, but anything else is ok)

2) Electronic Speed Control or Electronic Machines: $400-$600 and up

Pfaff Hobby 1142 or the Pfaff Creative line

Brother CS60001--this is also sold at Walmart

Elna 2600 or 2800

Try the Kenmore machine line at Sears and and ask about the Singers in this range at your dealer/shop--they have many to choose from

3) Fully Computerized Machines/Specialty Machines: $600-$800 and up

Bernina Aurora 440QE

Viking Sapphire line

Janome 6260QC

This computerized range can go into the thousands, so if you aren't sure about the art of sewing or the need for a machine like this, don't take the plunge!

Simplicity, Brother and Singer make lower priced machines available at Target and Walmart. If you can try these before you buy, great, if not, make sure the machine is returnable and you could just get one and try it, then bring it back.

But I always recommend trying a machine first. So get out there and try!

Look for Sewing and Vacuum stores, Sewing and Knitting Machine shops, or Sewing Centers online, or in Joann Fabrics Super Stores, they often have dealers inside selling and demo-ing the machines available.

Sears sometimes has people to show off the Kenmore and Janome machines they have (not always, but in the bigger stores they often do--call ahead before you go see).

Good luck and have fun!

Professional Series

Janome has taken products and features that are very popular in the industrial sewing industry and offers sewist models designed especially for the home. From our multi-needle embroidery machine, developed by our high-speed models or machines straight down, a Janome machine needs of your business.

Professional Limited Edition 1600

OverviewThe 1600 Professional HL type needle is easy to mount and blade wire machine. She sews a straight stitch 1600 stitches per minute, the fastest on the market. From the new "Liquid" pedal response of the control system pre-tension especially quilting machine is built for high quality items at professional speeds. In addition, it has a security feature additional seam can not be less than the foot is lowered. But at the same time gives the perfomance of an industrial machine, it also gives you the quiet operation design Elegant and a Janome .

Memory Craft 6500 Professional

OverviewThe Memory Craft 6500P is not your usual home sewing machine. It is a computerized dream machine sewist all types - clothing and home quilting December. It offers the speed and accuracy essential sewing and contains advanced features sewist serious harm. sewing speed 1,000 stitches per minute means that you can complete your projects quickly, and provide advanced functions that are performed ease. It also includes many features designed especially for quilting, including specialty items and a Advanced feeding mechanism.

If you are interested in a project to create the decoration of the house, a line of machines computerized Janome Decor. With five different models, the wastewater can decorate or create something pillowcases quilts.

This Janome sewing machine comes in the DC2010, DC3018 of the DC3050, DC 4030, and the HT2008 model. Each model offers different stitching, grommets, and functions only found the particular model, such as sewing circle.

The 2010 can make fifty styles of stitches, but only three slots. It has buttons to control the number of points, width and length, and a selection of sewing in reverse with the needle threader. The 3050 offers same characteristics as the 2010 but is reported to be much easier to use and maintain.

The 3018 offers eighteen points with three loops, the number and length and width of buttons, one arm convertible sewing circle, and a sewing needle threader and reverse button.

The 4030 thirty points, six circuits, incorporates a needle threader, width and length of buttons, and also the extension points, allowing the sewer make points.

The HT2008 is a special type. Each purchase comes with a free Red Dress pin, helping to spread knowledge heart disease in women. Regarding features, this machine stitches fifty to three eyelets, stitch width, length and number control, a convertible arm and a needle threader and the reverse button.

Before buying a new sewing machine, thinking that wants to use. This will help you get a machine that fits your needs and last for years to come.

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