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One of the seven treasures of Buddhism - China Coral

Coral is a marine coelenterates cylindrical, called "coral". Larval stage in white ancestors automatically set to the debris pile of coral limestone. Coral in their tentacles to capture food, and secretes calcareous soil (components of calcite) to build its own shell. Coral in the growth process in order to capture more food and light, in addition to growth upward, but also forward, left and right of the extension, as the formation of dendrites in the three-dimensional biological group. Access to a bouquet which is full of grace, beauty, natural works of the China's art gems.

species of coral red coral (outside of blood "cow" "Angel Face"), coral black coral, red coral in the Mediterranean, Japan, Coral, Coral Cameroon, China Hainan coral. The quality is almost same coral color, and fragmentation is the basis for economic evaluation and selection. The white color of high quality requirements beautiful color, bright and pure. Fragmentation better. The value of coral impacts various local customs, such as preferences Arab bright red, pink, very popular in Europe.

Corals in warmer regions of the ocean, coral reefs in very shallow, warm seas growth of coastal usually 30 feet from the surface of the most robust growth. The Mediterranean is known the origin of coral stones, coral reefs in Red Sea from Africa are known to many acquaintances in addition to Spain, Japan, the Bonin Islands in the Ryukyu Islands sea area, China, Taiwan and the Penghu Islands, Coral Keelung have good quality.

He was known as the coral "fortress", the care of these beautiful pictures, makes me deeply

Coral reefs of the English name Latin Corrallium. organic gem coral is very important, is much loved varieties GEM at any time. people Roman that the coral is to avoid the disaster, gives wisdom, bleeding and displacement functions of the heat, people title = "supplier China Jewelry "from China supplier of Jewelry> Coral children clinging to their necks to protect them cons danger, Italy, and became popular with the evil amulet of coral reefs are still women to cure infertility. Traditional Chinese medicine "Compendium of Materia Medical" on the account was also given the congestion effects of coral and others.

Coral and Buddhism also a close relationship, is well known Buddhist Qibao (gold, silver, green treasure, the Eastern Channel, coral, agate, pearl) one. In Tibet, China, coral and turquoise were the most popular, with a strong color religion, believers are made with coral statues, prayer beads, etc. used to decorate temples and ritual as a sermon pan. Famous 13th century Italian traveler Marco Polo, travel to Tibet, Tibetans have seen a lot wearing coral jewelry or decorate the temple of the gods. Tibetan Buddhists in India and China, as the red coral is the incarnation of Buddha, they offer to the Buddha as a mascot of coral is very popular varieties of stones jewelry. The ancient kings and ministers lead to coral beads actually criminal is also useful.

The reef is a biogenic stone and precious title = "" jewels sholesaler> Wholesale China on Gemstone merely a part of the skeleton creatures China reefs, then we can say that it is the essence of the Sea coral crystals absorb into the treasures of the sea

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