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Where can I find studs for making my own jewelry?

I'm in a art mood lately, and I have a couple packs of Sculpey clay that need to be used up. So, I want to make my own earrings.
I have to use Stainless Steel, Surgical Steel, Titanium, anything that's meant for sensitive ears. I'm sure I have a Nickel allergy, because I can't wear fake jewelry. I've tried with Claire's earrings and an old cheap butterfly ring, but my skin went green, itchy, had pus and was bleeding.

Does anyone know where I can find plain studs that will allow me to make my own earrings while being sensitive? I can't get them online as my credit card has been compromised a few times before and I don't want to risk it. And I read that Micheals may have Nickel in their studs.

Craft stores
Fabric stores, they have craft department.
Craft Warehouse, they sell them by dozens, even hundreds, in some location.

Cheap Metal sold in US stores were found to contain dangerous levels
of the carcinogenic metal cadmium. They're very toxic! Usually Made in China, many have been recalled. Bracelet part was 91% cadmium. Sold at Wal-Mart, Claire's & Target.

Allergic reaction: The most common cause of your complaint is an allergy to nickel. In Europe it is illegal to sell jewelry that contains nickel, so modern European jewelry won't give you a problem. I suggest you look for a jewelry supplier in the USA that can guarantee their products are nickel free.

Sterling silver (99.9% silver) usually doesn't affect people with nickel allergies, and it can be had moderately cheaply (think about $15-$20 for earrings).

Beware buying Tibet Silver. Metallurgical testing of twelve items in 2007 offered for sale on eBay as Tibetan Silver indicated that the articles frequently contained no silver whatsoever. Tests also found that high levels of lead and other dangerous metals such as arsenic were present.
People magazine Red Carpet Special page 10, shows Kathy Griffin for her red carpet 2012 People's Choice Awards, her skin's apparent adverse reaction to her bracelet was no laughing matter.


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