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China Pump City - Boshan

Boshan   As the pump base of traditional production is the story of 70 years, three bombs (cleaning water pump, vacuum pumps, submersible pumps) 2 machines (engine, gearbox) is known in the country in January 2006 by the State designated as the only Country 1 "pump town of China." For Polish "pump" mark of the city, branch Boshan quality monitoring in the district, the support County government, helping to increase the intensity of manufacturing companies pump, monitoring, and helping businesses to improve and refine the control of the pump produces files business quality, strengthen supervision and inspection. IMPACT actively conducted special activities correct quality protection in the name of producers of counterfeit products and address, to the simulation of inferior products to qualified products, production included in the license directory products pump undocumented and non-standard production acts severely punished. The right not to adopt business inspection, the director of the organization (manager) classes ordered deadline to correct. The sound quality assurance system, no accidents has occurred in the quality of the company to offer its support, has signed a commitment with quality books to help companies brand and fight for a good job, a great loss.
     In the department of supervision under strict quality control and care, Boshan pump products at national rate and the industry level of 98% or more, companies pump in the regulation of regional electronic admission fees of 95% or more; pass product quality more than 95% in the pump-type enterprise certification test directory to 100%. Region for businesses to create more business-electric pumps and mechanical quality records and sound quality management, testing systems, pump technology and Bo Hua Cheng Group has also created a line of domestic products with more advanced testing industry. All access to keys "National Inspection-certified products without, there were more than 70 bombs of access to national and provincial gold quality money. "Boshan Card" line of pumps not only excellent performance with the national evaluation of quality has won first National Award for Quality and has been granted even a famous national brands. Ji Monash Machinery Co., Ltd. to enter the British Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance, the Nash "GD" brand to become the leading brand in the world with the industry.
     Today Bomb region Boshan "family" of cars, water pumps, vacuum pumps, submersible pumps, slurry pumps, corrosion, oil pumps, Chemical pumps more than a dozen categories, most 120 Series and more than 1,000 species, more than 5000 specifications, can be widely used in industry, agriculture, mining, metallurgy, petrochemical and other industries and fields more than 80, more and more production Current inside the companies above, the pump development with the highest potential areas. excellent quality assurance system for Boshan "Bomb" invincible, not only in Zhongnanhai, the West Railway Station Beijing Guangdong Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station, the proposed diversion of water North, "" Bird's Nest, Water Cube ", the draft Qinghai-Tibet Major national projects have won the contract, including the United Nations offers bank loans, the government of Sudan projects to pump water, pump water projects in Iraq to move from Boshan bomb. "According to statistics, at present," the bomb Boshan "has been exported to USA Japan, Australia, Italy, Zambia, more than 80 countries and regions, production and sales accounted for more than 20% of the country, including industrial pumps, submersible pumps, vacuum pumps three categories of production volume, market share, profitability ranking among the top three in the domestic industry. "China Bomb City "has become a dazzling star Qilu earth. About the Author

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