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I wonder if Billy Joel knows his Pug Sabrina was once almost labeled as dog food

During the Shang Dynasty (1751 The BC-III) that the judge had the first dog breeds divided into three groups based on the quality and specification. The three classes were the dogs water, hunting dogs and dog food. Yes, I said dog food. God thank you, the Pekingese has been classified as a hunting dog at this point, because it could not be here today if she saw a dog eat. Oh, pass the pug does not simply good for dinner, right? Sorry, that was totally unacceptable!

One thing all researchers agree where it comes from somewhere in Asia 400BC. The name Pug comes from the Latin word "pugnus" meaning fist. Because the ball looks like a pug closed fist. Another theory is that the name comes from the pug monkey resembled the dog.

The pug is one of the oldest breeds of dog. Their three theories descent pug.
1. Some think they are a smaller version of the French Mastiff.
2. Others believe it is a short haired breed Pekinese or other Oriental.
3. And the last is a descendant of a little bulldog.

One of the most famous stories surrounding the pug is between the Emperor Ming and his wife, Yang Kwei Fei. One day Ming played chess with a prince. Emperor Ming was lost. His wife, Yang, because he lost and went the table and dropped his pet pug on the board. All parts are flying and the game was in ruins. This, of course, Emperor Ming was happy.

After that, causing flying pug failures "episode, the pugs have been bred by the eunuchs and the emperor and other senior officials. These were kept small and had servants to take care is every whim. Wow ... came very close to being eaten!

A story worthy of mention is the way the pug became the official dog of the Orange Room. It has been said that a Pug saved the life of Prince William. The dog began barking and woke up in Prince William. The pug to warn of the approach of Spanish soldiers. The pug has been a pet in many countries for a variety of people - from Buddhist monks in Tibet at the European royalty.

Pugs have one of these faces comes to love. The wrinkle above his nose looks like the symbol Prince in China. This is one reason why they are very popular in China. He very soft shiny hair short, "pink ears and big black eyes. His body short and thick, with a tail attached high, which rises above its back, he made a cheeky little creature. Their colors are silver, apricot, black or tan with black mask and ears and black marks on his back.
The average size of Males and females are almost identical: Height: 10-11 cm, weight: 14-18 lbs. (No Denise, your pug should weigh 30 pounds!)

The Pug is a happy and smart kid. I'm sure Billy Joel, Sabrina thinks that his is a happy girl. They are great with children and require moderate exercise. (It because officials are not the beginning of his descent:) A daily walk is. If you are looking for a workout partner, this guy is for you, especially in a hot day. Pugs do not like the heat, and can be reheated quite easy. A tip for the owner Pug is rubbing the coat with a silk scarf and coat is very bright. (Again, they must have made the servants do.)

The Pug is affectionate, loyal dog. There is an excellent companion, and with this clown's face that will make you smile every day. He is intelligent, highly trainable and loves children.
Good choice in dogs Billy Joel!

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