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Astrology views: If you could set up your very own business..what would it be & why...and what is your sign?

I would sell (and if I could design) jewellery. Jewellery has been my weakness for a long time although now I practically wear none. I realised that I was more of a collector for the sheer beauty of some than actually wearing them........money spent for nothing I would say . I have collected jewellery from different countries just because they appealed to me but some are really too "flashy" for me to wear ( by the way am looking now at a very large necklace from Tibet made up of turquoise, coral and amber, silver in front of me)
I have seen some outstanding designs and real beauty and creativity abroad.
I would also sell semi-precious gemstones, crystals, fossils and anything a bit unique and original.
I have always been fascinated by the combinations of colours, uniqueness.

am sag.

Maybe it is my Leo moon speaking or venus.....

The Astrological Sun Cancer, the crab Western Zodiac

Use the Tropical Zodiac system people born between June 22 and July 22 are known for their sun sign of Cancer the crab and are associated with the constellation Cancer. The element of the sign of Cancer
is water and the color of cancer is silver. The star stone is the Pearl and cancer astrology cancer is a symbol of the crab claws. The opposite of sun sign Capricorn and Cancer the sign of Cancer metals are silver and magnesium. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and is defined as a negative feminine sign introvert. Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and the quality of cancer is cardinal.

The characteristics most commonly attributed to cancer are emotional and romantic, are also well known forms of support and care. In general, the population of the sun sign of cancer are often perceptive and sensitive with a pleasant warmth. They are also cautious and protection in a defensive posture. work on cancer and the house and can be sentimental and family. Cancer can also be intuitive and insightful, with a wise man and nature resources. They can also be moody and overly dramatic with a lane and a little suspicious to them. Cancer loves to be flattered, but can be severe and critical.

The following is a list of some famous people from the sun sign of Cancer

John Quincy Adams - July 11, 1767 To February 23, 1848 - Sixth President of the United States

Pamela Anderson - July 1, 1967 - Actress and model and actress

Dan Aykroyd - July 1, 1952 - Founding member of Saturday Night Live

Kevin Bacon - July 8, 1958 - Film and stage actor

Ingmar Bergman - July 14, 1918-30 July 2007 - Oscar-nominated director

Julius Caesar - July 13, British Columbia 100 - March 15, 1944 a. C. - Made the Roman Republic the Roman Empire

Phoebe Cates - July 16, 1963 - The actress, known for Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Calvin Coolidge - July 4, 1872 to 1805 enero 1933-30 th President of the United States

Bill Cosby - July 12, 1937 - actor, producer, actor and television

Tom Cruise - July 3, 1962 - Actor and film producer and a follower of Scientology

Olivia De Havilland - July 1, 1916 - Actress Oscar

Wine Diesel - July 18, 1967 - Actor, screenwriter, director and producer

Harrison Ford - July 13, 1942 - Oscar and Golden Globe winning candidate Actor

John Glenn - July 18, 1921 - Astronaut, first American to orbit Earth

Merv Griffin - July 6, 1925 to August 12, 2007 - talk show host and personality television

Tom Hanks - July 9, 1956 - Academy, Emmy and Golden Globe The Screen Actors Guild Award winning actor

Woody Harrelson - July 23, 1961 - Emmy Award winner and Oscar nominee for actor

David Hasselhoff - July 17, 1952 - The actor, known for its roles on Baywatch and Knight Rider

Ernest Hemingway - July 21 julio 1899-2 1961 - novelist, journalist and novelist

Edmund Hillary - July 20, 1919-11 2008 - First man raech the summit of Mount Everest

John Paul Jones - July 6, 1747 to July 18, 1792 - Father of U.S. Navy

The Dalai Lama - July 6, 1935 - The spiritual leader of Tibet

Cyndi Lauper - June 22, 1953 - Grammy winner

Nelson Mandela - July 18, 1918 - First President democratically elected South Africa

George Orwell - 25 June 1903 to 21 in 1950 - Novelist, author of 984 miles

Marcel Proust - July 10 Hasta 1871 November 18, 1922 - French novelist and critic

Gilda Radner - 28 June 1946 to May 20, 1989 - The Emmy-winning actress

Rembrandt - July 15 1606-4 octubre 1669 - Dutch painter and engraver

Patrick Stewart - July 13, 1940 - The actor, best known as Captain Jean Luc Picard in Star- Walking

critic Henry David Thoreau - July 12, 1817, writer May 6, 1862 -, abolitionist and social

Kathleen Turner - June 19, 1954 - Price Academy nominated actress

As you can see here if you are born under the sun sign of Cancer is in good company.

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