Tibet Silver Skull

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"Buddhist Dakini," Tibet, the 18th century.?

I have a presentation on this piece tomorrow, you should know how, line, composition and line. So far, "Buddhist Dakini," Tibet, 18th century Dakini is one of the most mysterious and complex figures. Also is said to be one of the most beautiful Indian sculptures. They are intended to ward off evil and protect the faithful. The expression of the face is frowning and angry. The necklace is made of skulls and the sword and the hilt of the sword. Area: Shape: The shape of this object is very curvy and wife. The face is also broader and more defined that the old songs. Online: There are no straight lines in this object, it shows me a lot of movement. Composition: It is made of silver, copper and semi precious stones.

It appears that you have really covered, probably helps the habit, the document has already been delivered, but I would like to speak of curved lines, except line expressly refers only to the right,


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