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Save India â € "is under siege virtual

January 5. 2010

It is an open letter administrators of calls and the sovereign states that are in positions of power in the corridors of power.

Mr. Prime Minister, history is clear that whenever he has been poor leaders used casually sunbathing in the glory of his past achievements as appropriate, are not able to occupy positions of power, if you donâ € ™ t know the seat of governor of India has always been full of thorns. Prithviraj Chauhan, the great emperor of Ajmer and Delhi, who had defeated Muhammad Ghori was humiliated seventeen times in the last resort by the same enemy, when he celebrated Holi in Ajmer Prithviraj and was taken while the entire city of Ajmer has been immersed in the festive atmosphere totally unaware that the enemy was lurking at the right time and attack only 30 km. The rest is history and never the Mongols and their descendants Stooges or looked back. They continued with the same rhetoric. History is full of examples where the great Indian leaders have lost control of more and more ignorant the slightest hint or tip of the potential danger to sovereignty. Â


Anti-national forces have been repeatedly warning powers in the center-right from the day India became independent, they sleep canâ € ™ t. We had to be vigilant on all fronts. A Despite the preparation for the calls we have lost control and interest in Tibet, Nepal, Myanmar, Kashmir (already lost 50%) and gradually invaders control over vast tracts of Arunachal Pradesh. Vested interests have developed their lobbyists in Sri Lanka in the south and have their dogs participate active in Pakistan and Burma. Remember that even if we were sleeping on many issues of importance nationally and internationally in recent years, many without realizing the strategic importance of it in the long term, but the secessionist forces inside and outside our international borders, are and have always been very active. This has been tested in several times.

When illegally occupied part of Kashmir in 1948 and soon returned through the reign of force as ours by the law once the instrument of accession was signed (the way we controlled the princely states of Junagarh and Hyderabad, and took control Goa Portugueese) overthrew the legitimate Chinese leaders in Tibet to be at our door in the north, the illegal occupation by the army Siachin Glacier China, Pakistan occupied the Kargil region right under the nose of the Indian Army. In addition to this attempt were repeated destroy peace in the country through the presentation of serial bombings that took place very rarely, but several times in various cities using established sleeper cells in our own country.

These cells are dormant seeds developed by members of the Muslim community as citizens as a legal resident of our country and earn their daily bread in this country, but have given refuge to invaders and terrorists at the border and found refuge with their needs and provide shelter is needed both in their own homes. Donâ € ™ t know the mind of every Indian Once it has been the infiltration into the Kashmir valley, people have always found refuge in his own house in the name of Islam and been successful in every single building erosion of indigenous authority in the valley? Similar cells have been active bed throughout the country and helped the successful attempts to organize terrorist bombings of success across the country. To date we have not heard a single example of a Muslim family that comes out openly in the hand over criminals to the police before the impact of the threatened attack in the Indian society. Whyâ € | Because the interior of all members of the Muslim community in India would be slow and gradual Islamization sub-continent as a whole. They view it as part of the International Islamic religious  Santo Jihad.Â

The best example of the failure total Indian intelligence has been in the valley, where the terrible voice of the separatists and terrorists are experts in Kashmir against India in the Kashmir Valley on January 20., 1990. They shouted thousands of loudspeakers in mosques in the valley, and ordered members of the Hindu community to develop or leave the valley without the members of his family. Point to note is that only members of the adult males were asked to leave valley, leaving behind their children and women members and has been in the constitutional limits of the Indian nation. All members of the minority who had many interests in the valley dared to stay longer than expected period have been informed individually threat to their existence in the valley by their own neighbors and left the valley that day in the clothes worn by them, and left all their possessions in the valley itself, to please the organizers of the call. Â It was at the height of the attack on the Indian Parliament in New Delhi

This call clearly formulated by members of the local Muslim community at the top of his voice in the Kashmir Valley, which is supposed to be part of India with the largest number For € of military and "military forces stationed in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir than any other state in the country. This call was given by Muslims of the valley with the support of external forces to create an order of the threat and supremacy in the face of the Indian army. Why is the government still considers India by helping members of the criminal community when openly challenged his authority over Indian territory, is a point which must be regarded with suspicion and care. Why do the authorities spineless and cowardly sitting in the corridors of power do not understand the language skill and cunning, tricky and difficult Muslim leaders in the valley? How have you been cheating on him with two statements of the Cross, speaking different languages and express mixed feelings while in Delhi or the valley. This call was issued threat to Indians who have represented single standard of building the Native Authority in the Kashmir valley because of their (Muslim community of the valley) so many words that donâ € ™ t consider India as a secular and tolerant nation, but a purely Hindu state.

Why Muslims in India considers India as thatâ € |? Because they have learned that the only current religion or whether it should exist in this world is Islam. Everything else belonging to non-believers and whether Hindu, Christian or secular. Was conducted and taught by their peers that they must strive to eliminate everything that is not Islamic. This is very religious and their faith in nature and the Almighty. They call it jihad and die as if they voluntarily fight against the kafirs called in this Jihad, would probably be treated as martyrs and that the land directly in the sky of any eventuality of death.

If the same episode that took place in New Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Hindus were allowed to be driven from the state? Is it possible that the state government would have done anything particularly € | To protect them! "The central government has asked military to take charge of these circumstances, where Hindus have been cruelly exploited land openly India, raped and tortured and murdered, in the presence of representatives of the Indian armed forces, the PCR and the Governor of honor by the central government appointed € |? Why Government State to request military assistance in this | Timea €!

Nobody questioned the government then in power in the floor of Parliament date how is it that so many of these large-scale preparations were made by Islamic terrorists in the valley and downtown has not been informed of the impending dangers € |! How is it that despite such a vengeance that takes place in the capital of the state and elsewhere in the valley still Indian military forces have been mute spectators. No doubt that the Indian intelligence wing in the valley at the time and why donâ € ™ t I have no idea until the day I take on so strong and organized the revolt in the Indian nation, on the particular belief of the Muslim community in the Indian state, in the presence of Indians and Indian military intelligence. Why Army India does not fulfill the mosque to flush out terrorists, as was done during Operation Blue Star in Amritsar in the name of security nation and the safety of ordinary citizens. If we believe that donâ € ™ t have a strong leader and a bold vision of steel and courage as Indira Gandhi left in Indian politics to deal with the security interests of the country as a whole? The call given by regular Muslims Experts in the Kashmir Valley was certainly an action against the authorities and was clearly directed against the sovereignty of India.

With all humility, we want to remind and encourage authorities in the corridors of power and decision-makers (at both the Valley and throughout India), who take the oath of office on behalf of the solidarity of India, the Indian Constitution does guarantee freedom of speech and Life as terrorists, separatists and jihadists  then do everything possible to undermine the sovereignty and territorial integrity most of the State of Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part split € |? The recent case of VIP treatment on a silver platter delivered to an international terrorist and criminal Kasab fear, whose shares have been seen around the world in broad daylight. However, the Government of India is proud to spend crores of rupees on the security of this dangerous criminal only to attract the attention of other terrorists trained in Pakistan to visit India to create a scene of chaos in the innocent citizens of our country feared and ultimately will be rewarded with full respect and honor in prisons Indian equivalent of what has been achieved in the sky, were killed in an encounter with Indian police in their efforts Holy Jihad. In the two cases have nothing to lose because the Indian judiciary duly respected not mature enough to handle these simple cases.

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