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can I astral project more then once a day?

so, i've been trying to astral project for almost a week now and I came extremely close today. After about 15 minutes of complete relaxation, I was at a stage where my astral body was leaving my physical. However, I got freaked out and opened my eyes. That happened at about noon. The whole rest of the day was like I could "feel" my astral body and vibes inside me (particularly in my hands, which have been tingling a lot). I'm about to go to bed and wanna try this again. Did I use all my energy the first time I tried? And would it be safe to try it again only 9 hours after the first try? PLEASE don't answer if you're a skeptic and don't believe in this sh*t.

Oh yes, you can astral travel as much as you will allow yourself to.
I well know the feeling you are talking about, that the first time it begins to happen can be scary. I usually find myself out of my body after I have fallen asleep - and there is a big huge difference between a dream and actual astral travelling. I have done astral travelling for years myself - started when I was about 15 years old after reading some books by a Tibetan Lama called Lobsang Rampa. There are whole books written on how to astral travel, and describe it in great detail.

Usually, however, when I have frightened myself by leaving my body, which doesn't happen very much any more, I seem to keep my astral body back by trying to force myself to go forward - like going through walls or trying to travel to a different place on purpose. For some reason, certain people can do this without a problem. Once free of the body, they pretty much can go just about anywhere. I have a very difficult time doing it when I become "conscious" of the fact I am doing it. I usually slam back down into my body and there I stay, no matter how much I try to make it happen again.

I think the key to it is, do NOT force yourself to do it. You have to learn to relax, try to remain conscious (going subconscious results more often in going to sleep and dreaming rather than astral traveling). If you are up-tight or excited because you did it, or you are frightened, then it won't happen. You have to remain calm, relaxed, concentrate on the power between your eyes - the Third Eye. Focus your thinking on a single point of light in your mind, and once you see that point of light, move that point to a place in the room you are in and imagine yourself seeing yourself from the perspective of that point (looking back down on your body).

For me, I begin to feel the vibrations, my legs and arms feel like they are floating up and down and then there is a kind of energy explosion accompanied by a loud buzzing sound of energy. I then find myself projected outwards and sometimes looking at my astral body which shimmers with energy and light, just a like a spirit - I believe the astral body is a part of the Soul. You are connected by what is called, "The Silver Chord," attached to you navel. It CANNOT be broken, and it can extend into infinity, so you can go just about anywhere.

I will warn you! There are other entities out there which are malicious.
They are part of the dark forces or the "dark entities." So you must pray to God and ask for protection. Ask your guardian spirit for protection and to help you avoid the lowest levels of the astral plains where these beings inhabit. Ask for God to give you some angels to keep back the dark entities and protect you. I have seen one such evil being of immense power - these dark entities can be quite powerful, and I was so frightened I was slammed back into my body! You have a spirit guide who protects you and also, angels can protect you. So as long as you say a prayer, give your guardian spirit your PERMISSION. You MUST give your guardian spirit your permission to inteviene for you to protect you. YOu must also give your permission for any angels that assist you to interviene in your behalf or they will not be able to protect you. This is because your free will is inviolate, even in this circumstance. Only by giving your personal permission can they protect you.

You may meet your guardian spirit on the other side who has been protecting you and guiding you your entire life. You may meet angels. You may also meet many other people who are astral traveling, or even people who have died and are still wandering before taking the tunnel or stairway to heaven. So be prepared to meet some interesting beings, others...but do make sure you have prayed to God and ask for your protection which is important.

The metaphysical point of view of death and life after death Part 5

When the transition period has come to incarnate the soul - the exact timing is determined and has launched the superior - the physical seed of atoms that contains the soul of the higher plant, reported some information on Endocrine glands into the bloodstream to stimulate the process of death. The glands secrete substances then Earlyne sure Chaney hormone death. "This hormone circulates in the system's physical release of the immaterial aspect of physics. The mental, astral and etheric separate the physical body followed by the seed-atoms. The first to be affected and released mental seed atom. As he leaves the physical body, mental records of the soul and knowledge is combined with it. It is the beginning of the bard whose soul can not avoid feeling, even in shocks death.

Once seedatom system escapes mental and physical, the physical body falls into a coma. Although the physical body still reacts to external stimuli, there is no trace in the consciousness soul through the brain. Next to be released from the physical body is the astral seed atom. In the absence of the astral seed atom, the physical body is inert and meaningless. The output of the seed atom of physical evidence, the appearance of clinical death. Their disappearance from the physical body because of the dissolution and disintegration of fitness. In the above process is not pain, lack of mental seed atom prevents any feeling of being mentioned in consciousness. In addition, the hormone death "of the physical system under anesthesia General. Any fight to the death or spasms of death is merely reflects the release of components of the soul and the body's physical effort to prevent escapes. When a person is about to leave the physical, increases the brightness of the astral body, even in the case of sudden death.

All seeds of atoms leaving the physical body, are transferred to the astral form. With the transfer of awareness of mental seed atom soul wakes up gradually in the astral state and experiences of bardo. Once the bard is submitted, the soul, the consciousness of principle in these cases average, is allowed advanced beings and relatives of the land they have prepared in advance for the arrival of the soul. This is I know personally have been in touch when our father was mentally subjected to the process of dying. Peace dies often taught using the music played by disembodied spirits.

The output of each soul of the physical plane is known for spiritual beings, and the preparation is always their home in the astral world. Even while traveling in the bardo the soul is often helped by spiritual guides. Divine guidance on higher planes to help the recently dead is a common belief among the ancient Egyptians.

When the seed-atom sheets of physical fitness and transfers the astral body, the sutratma, the silver cord snaps back and forth to physical fitness that is infused into the bones of the body. Imbued with the qualities or the magnetism of the personality of the soul, the replica sutratma as bone, skeletal structure impregnated vibrations of the soul. Bones, therefore, take a magical, especially if the soul of the deceased was a mystic or a saint of high caliber. This principle is well known in hiding the shamans of various cultures that often use the bones of men revered as instruments and ceremonial magicians used their chopsticks devoted to tools of his control. Personally, we have a magic object, a very old Trisul, part of which is made by a human bone.

During this process of soul-transference or transition, which suffers from the consciousness-principle of the bard, as we have already said. Since we consider the bard in detail in another section of this work, we, however, the nature of the state after death.

Once the soul transfer has been completed and the bard known as astral is moved to the area or region in the astral world in which mental or stay for a while. The etheric body is, however, even with fitness by remaining sutratma. It dissolves while the physical body. In the absence of higher principles, the etheric body, such as fitness, is nothing but an empty shell, and somehow can be galvanized by a similarity of life by astral entities with the power of life embodied beings rendered. Some forms of vampirism is also related to the etheric body. The bodies remain fresh in their graves is the result of a etheric body animated by an intelligence vital to maintain livelihood by the act of vampirism.

The possession of certain traits and the memory of its former occupant, as the etheric is often used by malicious entities to mislead and confuse members of the family living there and the people through the media. Therefore, the incineration of the occult standpoint, it is often considered to be spiritual and a disposal method for the physical health remains psychically. Prevents the appearance of negative phenomena such as the obsession and possession. In the funeral, the etheric body can often be seen as blue lights hovering buried bodies, which are often taken for ghosts or spirits of the man - the correct term for these are ghosts.

In ancient Egypt, the desire to preserve the etheric body can be the basis of the practice of mummification. As the bones of a deceased person, the etheric body is also often used for purposes hidden magic - often sciomancy or necromancy, which are forms of divination. This is usually done with the use of bloodshed as it attracts shadows ethereal forms of the dead are not used by the previous occupant, but the elemental spirits or elementary. Blood, half of the life force, is a source of energy required by malevolent spirits or malicious. With the presence of blood they drink in question is can be fully aware of the physical and realize and converse with material beings, and possibly also to satisfy certain desires base.

We mentioned before that the soul, the consciousness of principle, gravitates toward the best for his kingdom in terms of vibrations. Mercy does not automatically translate into a soul to heaven. Personality determines where a soul would go. If the nature of the soul is a low rate, is in one of the lowest chart corresponding to the religious conception of hell. high-minded souls to be brought to the astral world mental high or homes. Swedenborg speaks of this in his book, "Heaven and Hell"

"It should be clear that the souls [the] angels, which is inside them which, in the sky. Because the interiors are more open to the Lord, more interior heaven where they are. "(1958:16)

Here Swedenborg says that the souls enter into the kind of sky that corresponds to the internal air quality within them. Spiritual principle is a law known among occultists. Cornelius Agrippa's three books of occult philosophy, has this to say about the reward of noble souls:

But the spirit of man is sacred and divine descent, because it is always impeccable, becomes incapable no trouble, but his soul Indeed, it has, with the spirit and move forward with] the air in your car [astral body, beyond the graves free hero, reached the sky or, where has all his senses and faculties, a blessing perpetual bliss, a perfect knowledge of all things, and the divine vision, and possession the kingdom of heaven, and be made partaker of the divine gifts given freely on a variety below, like a god immortal. . . "(1995:594)

He continues saying that the soul of a negative nature is left to the will of the "devil":

"So, Is the soul is empty of an essence and ceased to be intelligible to the power of an angry planet, is always subjected to torture qualities body. "(1995:594)

Agrippa was sent to hell or purgatory. In the case of coarse material in the astral form following negative habits, patterns of negative thoughts and desires, the soul in purgatory temporary stay before transmigrants their rightful place in the celestial regions. Purgatory is a transitional plan souls of human nature and the different types, for example, those who are there to because of their religious views realistic and remain in purgatory until they accept the truth of spiritual laws that govern the highest level. Some people also stuck in purgatory until certain habits and desires are exceeded. Atheists and intellectuals are also in purgatory for a while. The commitment to the richness of the earth, position and power may be a cause of bondage in purgatory.

In Purgatory the soul is seeking to rid itself of its moral shortcomings, mental and emotional, and also the effects of physical and sensual indulgences and desires sensual itself. In Hindu and Buddhist mythology, the souls in purgatory are called Preta, or "hungry ghosts". For astral form has reached the need of purification, the soul does not find comfortable to live in any other place in the astral plane. Purgatory is that resemble slums the plane of the Earth and ghettos.

The author of this paper once had an interesting experience in one of the lowest astral in which it was addressed to lawyers kleptomaniacs souls. Although not reported on the nature of the inhabitants of the kingdom, certain events such as personal items carried in our astral person when suddenly made us realize the common problem of poor souls who live there. These souls were trapped in purgatory because of his thieves trends, and we were there to help and give up their habit negative. The bad habits and desires to follow us in the afterlife and we cause intense suffering - the result can not completely satisfy, meet or to comply with them. For this reason, negative habits and desires are extinguished, or at least transmuted into the here and now, on physically. Before a soul in purgatory can have a glimpse of the sky chart to raise their aspirations, their desires to improve their condition and state of mind. When the soul is not satisfied with what the world and things carnal in the lower astral and when he aspires to something better, you begin to cleanse your body of particles smaller than astral, and suddenly finds himself within a higher sphere.

Souls that are harmful or emotionally disturbed mentally and emotionally are brought to the healing centers in purgatory for the restoration of harmony between his soul-vehicles. Minded souls are crystallized and mentally trapped by preconceived ideas about life after death are sanatoria also performed excluding hypnotized, or rehabilitation. The souls who lead a violent fall Suspended Animation for a long period time. This ignorance is forced therapeutic in nature, is a period of soul-healing. These souls are awakened from time to time to determine his attitude - if you feel guilty or resumption of such deeds. If this is not yet assured.

When ignorant of the existence higher spheres, the souls in purgatory and hell are often represented regions to guide the souls of the splendor and glory of the Regions Graduate astral and mental worlds. The souls are not more intelligent or competent in the astral, as they are physically. Ignorance of truth and physical reality are brought with them in the disembodied state. The views are maintained. Souls Therefore, see and experience what they have learned to believe. These "lost souls" are shown the path of ascent to higher worlds.

The astral body is like plastic in nature and generally reflects the nature of the soul within. Ames negative trends and bad traits to shapes with facial features reflect the nature. They can take the appearance of misshapen, grotesque and monstrous forms. In contrast, the positive nature of souls, clean, pure and angelic forms take. The higher the quality and nature of the soul, the aspect most beautiful and brilliant. Even the clothes worn the soul reflects the inner state. Under this principle states Swedenborg:

"... All inner feelings come and reflect on the face. "(1958:22)

It is also associated with the mystery of soul-emergence of the poor:

"... And wonderful to tell, are in hell as like as men, but in the light of heaven appear as monsters, horrible in the face and body, the exact form of his own fault. "(1958:66)

Among the Chinese and Tibetan belief is that souls could be reincarnated in animals. Account Given the above principle, we can see some truth in the concept. Men having animal characteristics reflect the nature of animals in their astral forms.

With the death of the mind retains the same personality, habits, traits and inclinations, and this is known to the appearance. Thanks to the facial appearance, quality of clothing worn and the brightness and colors of the aura of the soul that the level the soul of evolution can be determined. Some people are so radiant that it hurts to watch. Would probably protect our eyes with his hands to protect our point of view of the eye - this gesture could be interpreted as a hello - a sign of honor and respect of these creatures. These souls are carriers of light, life and love. Her presence heals and energizes the souls of young people. Alia, in the astral worlds mental, everyone sees us as we really are, including us. Although it may be "somebody" in the physical world in the astral world can be just another person ". In the higher worlds, our true character is revealed. There is nothing in our most intimate thoughts, feelings and character that we can hide. We are an open book that reveals our inner self to others around us. Again quoting Swedenborg:

. . . an angel who stands in the wisdom instantly see the quality of another of his face. "(1958:22)

Only the virtues, good thoughts, facts and truth-seeking provides the beauty of appearance. In the higher worlds, we discover that thoughts are things. What seems obvious and affects us almost immediately, without time interval.

Those who pre-conceptions of heaven, as the religious, indicates the type Sky to their expectations. These conditions celestial different, however, are illusions. It temporarily dramas played in the name of the soul with the new entrants for the purpose of teaching spiritual lessons, mistakes such as preconceived ideas. The dramas are often played by negative beings with reason for non-volunteers. These catastrophes take up the soul awakens to the fact that his concept of heaven as an experiment, reflects not the true reality, the state and nature of the houses of the Cosmos, or otherwise, could take even longer. The first condition is obvious when certain events in his personal life, "paradise", which indicates the artificial nature of paradise. For example, designing a soul to heaven one where people are wings and halos, and played the harp and singing hymns for eternity will be an experience that. . . even boredom continues and the voices start to raucous, and the strings of the harp begins to explode, and halos begin to fall, and the wings begin to move. . . Referring these tragedies dimensional astral Torkom Saraydarian comments in "The science of meditation:

"Once you get into it, you'll see many events of great color are the rapid formation and dissolution by anonymous calls, aspirations, thoughts and desires, which are constantly evolution and movement and, in several intensities. Everything you see is the response of the astral substance, which reflects their wishes, desires, dreams and mental changes. The funny thing is that you realize that what we see or experience is his creation, his own words, which sometimes becomes the vehicle of astral entities that play a part or englamour comic illusion and trap more. "(1993:208)

In the astral planes and various above, the soul occupies a portion of his time discussing his past and assimilation experience. This idea is often done with the help spiritual guides and group discussions. In the heavenly worlds soul finds the time to do and learn things you've always wanted, without being embarrassed by the needs of daily life. There are rooms of Wisdom and the temples of learning in all branches of the arts and sciences, including the creation science. In these schools, the soul learn the meaning of life, the laws of spiritual and how it can function effectively in larger vehicles. The potential expression and creation are also taught. Overall, the soul will pass through his time studying and serving others, with breaks for rest and play.

In the astral state discovers it is not necessary to eat or drink to feed the astral form. The food is produced spiritual osmosis. The astral form automatically absorbs the energy that gives life fluid flowing through the astral ethers. This could be both physically but it requires spiritual preparation intensified to reach this level. Rivers and energy sources are in the highest heaven. Muslims Salsabil call. A dip in the boost as the whole spiritual constitution.

There are several modes of transportation for the inhabitants of the celestial worlds. There vehicles to pass one place to another. You can also choose to walk or use the astral body's natural ability to fly. The latter mode transport, but requires a bit of the domain, however, once mastered, offers one of the most practical methods of mobilization. Once installed on the chart above, the soul does not possess the ability to see or clear the ground level at least that has acquired the ability to do occult. Overall, it is not possible for the soul to visit the higher worlds beyond the level of the soul, because the fire vibration intense from these worlds. On the way to reduce the worlds, however, is much easier to achieve.

Communication in the subtle worlds are mainly through telepathy, but sometimes the word normal is used. The use of telepathy means that each individual soul has soul rest in terms of physical eventhough may be a language barrier. For instance, through telepathy is possible for an Englishman to understand an Italian, and vice versa. One also eventually learn to communicate through colors and sounds, the languages are universal. There are, however, a phenomenon that must be considered and clearly expressed by Swedenborg:

"... Angels of a lower heaven can not talk with those of a higher heaven. Indeed, in Looking at them, I do not see the high sky seems like a fog over their heads. The angels of heaven above, however, you can see a lower heaven. . . "(1958:100)

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