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Have you ever read a book that had...?

changed your views on something? Example: life, or all that is in between? Care to elaborate?
Madison, I recently read Just Listen. The author mentioned Led Zeppelin in it, hah!

Yes the books by Lobsang Rampa such as The Third Eye, Doctor From Lhasa,The Cave of the Ancients, Living Wtih The Lama, You - Forever, Wisdom Of The Ancients, and Chapters of Life, and many many more books.
Before going on to deal with the disposal of dead bodies, it may be advisable to write some more about the Tibetan views on death. Our attitude is quite different from that of Western peoples. To us a body is nothing more than a "shell", a material covering for the immortal spirit. To us a dead body is worth less than an old, worn-out suit of clothes. In the case of a person dying normally, that is, not by sudden unexpected violence, we consider the process to be like this: the body is diseased, faulty, and has become so uncomfortable for the spirit that no further lessons can be learned. So it is time to discard the body. Gradually the spirit withdraws and exteriorizes outside the flesh-body. The spirit form has exactly the same outline as the material version, and can very clearly be seen by a clairvoyant. (picture-left)

At the moment of death, the cord joining the physical and spirit bodies (the "Silver Cord" of the Christian Bible) thins and parts, and the spirit drifts off. Death has then taken place. But birth into a new life, for the "cord" is similar to the umbilical cord which is severed to launch a new-born baby to a separate existence. At the moment of death the Glow of Life-force is extinguished from the head. This Glow also can be seen by a clairvoyant, and in the Christain Bible is referred to as "The Golden Bowl". Not being a Christian I am not familiar with the Book, but I believe there is a reference to "Lest the Silver Cord be severed, and the Golden Bowl be shattered".

Three days, we say, is the time it takes for a body to die, for all the physical activity to cease, and the spirit, soul, or ego, to become quite free of its fleshly envelope. We believe that there is an etheric double formed during the life of a body. This "double" can become a ghost. Probably everyone has looked at a strong light, and on turning away apparently saw the light still. We consider that life is electric, a field of fdrce, and the etheric double remaining at death is similar to the light one sees after looking at a strong source, or, in electrical terms, it like a strong residual magnetic field. If the body had strong reasons for clinging to life, then there is a strong etheric which forms a ghost and haunts the familiar scenes. A miser may have such an attachment for his money-bags that he has his whole focus upon them. At death probablyhis last thought will be of fright concerning the fate of his money, so in his dying moment he adds to the strength of his etheric. The lucky recipient of the money-bags may feel somewhat uncomfortable in the small hours of the night. He may feel that "Old So-and-so is after his money again". Yes, he is right, Old So-and-so's ghost is probably very cross that his (spirit) hands cannot get a grip on that money!

There are three basic bodies; the flesh body in which the spirit can learn the hard lessons of life, the etheric, or "magnetic" body which is made by each of us by our lusts, greeds, and strong passions of various kinds. The third body is the spirit body, the "Immortal Soul". That is our Lamaist belief and not necessarily the orthodox Buddhist belief. A person dying has to go through three stages: his physical body has to be disposed of, his etheric has to be dissolved, and his spirit has to be helped on the road to the World of Spirit. The ancient Egyptians also believe in the etheric double, in the Guides of the Dead, and in the World of Spirit. In Tibet we helped people before they were dead. The adept had no need of such help, but the ordinary man or woman, or trappa, had to be guided the whole way through. It may be of interest to describe what happens.

One day the Honourable Master of Death sent for me. "It is time you studied the practical methods of Freeing the Soul, Lobsang. This day you shall accompany me."

the above was taken from one ot the books I read on Lobsang, and his version of death. He was very popular to read among univerity students and high school students in the 60's
take care

Something interesting about Tibetan jewelry hair

Tibetan jewelry are beautiful things come from Tibet, who was born of room with fairy dust by land. Natural stones, coral, animal bones and silver are the main area of Tibetan jewelry, these materials are common, and the rough appearance, but contain exquisite connotations. small designs, engraving, mosaics form style of Tibetan jewelry design subtly, it also has strong, thick and rustic old original flavors.

Jewelry Hair Tibet is standardized, rigorous and full of humor, too varies with regions, ages and conditions of marriage. Speaking very interest, let me give some examples of readers.

Girls Hair Jewelry Tibet

As the Chinese girls Tibet, like having a single braid, the root of the braid to engage with a string of red hair, which was called "Xia Jiu" Tibetan language. The only difference is that the braids woven Tibetan girls in a triangle and placed it on the head, then look more beautiful, generous elegant.

Tibet married women's hair ornaments

The girls are alone, while the women are married woven double-stranded and without the support of hair and long red strings are longer than their hair braided, women give circular two braids on the head the back of the head, which seemed decent, generous and mature.

href = "http://www.made-in-china.com/products-search/hot-china-products/Fashion_Jewelry.html"> Jewelry hair of women in pastoral areas of Tibet

It is difficult to judge a woman who married pastoral or not, because no matter the age that everyone has several small braids on his head, the same that girls Uygur join these small braids on two strands of hair decorated with red and green, coral cluster also, pearls, agates and pearls nine eyes two braids, often as long as its body and often on the edges slide your skirt. If they get braids circled over head, it resembles a crown of jewels and stilvoll much.

hair jewelry with Tibet mourning period

In period mourning, men and Chinese women with bracelets are black, although restricted to women wearing Tibetan jewelry is different, that is the hallmark of the resolution discern that this special occasion. Tibetan girls in the first year of their period of mourning must use chains pale green hair and wearing chains red next year, and could re-use a string of red hair in the third year.

Tibetan Jewelry Wedding Hair

old Tibetan girl aged hair jewelry is different from the married woman, and different from the girls too, an old daughter as a single braid, braid circled above his head adorned with white ropes red hair, but it is absent from a stand of hair.

Woman Tibetan jewelry hair

people of Tibet have a long braid keep the hair on the head and shave their hair braided under pate. Tibetan people not to use hair red string to tie his shoelaces, but using a string black hair, whose color is the same with hair. Tibetan men braids three strands are braided hair and women who are stuck with four or five strands of hair for braids that are braided in men a flat look firmer and more powerful.

* Comments at the end:

All Tibetan jewelry are handmade and each piece is in a class by itself.
Many jewelers are created by Tibetan lamas in the temple. The Tibetans are used to coat the body oils, and we believe that it is the name of health. As Lama, so there are Tibet jewelry loops of scale.

With its rich culture and design styles heroic jewelry minorities can not only attract the eye, affects their heart and soul. In this return to nature of the world, the mystery of Tibetan jewelry and a sort of atmosphere even more romantic in our hearts "Research. I even wear in general, and in general every time you put a piece of jewelry features popular colors Tibet, seemed more attractive and outstanding common crowd.

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