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If you saw a charm you liked & had a choice tibetan silver, silver plate or gold plate which would you go for?

and what about earrings and necklaces which would you go for?
i make jewellery and was wondering weather to invest in a gold plating kit, trying to work out what people would prefer


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If the listing says "German Silver", "Tibetan Silver", "Alpaca Silver" or "Nickel Silver", you may be surprised when you read this Shopping Guide.

If you are shopping online for Quality Silver Jewelry, you are probably looking for the best price and the largest selection. But are you getting the quality that you think you are getting or a base metal with a fancy name? I have put the following Silver Guide together to make you more familiar with various products that are precious metal Silver and those that attempt to imply that they are Silver.

This is not an attempt to call any particular seller a fraud or to say that they are ripping you off (but they are out there). This is simply a guide to help you get the most for your online purchase.

I was scanning through listings on a smaller auction site and came upon a listing that I could not believe. Under the catagory of "Diamond Bracelets", a seller had listed a "Diamond Tennis Bracelet" at a starting bid of $24.99 and a BUY NOW PRICE of $169.99. The picture was of a very substantial looking Yellow Gold and Diamond Bracelet. In the title line was the initials of a TV shopping channel. I kept asking myself, "What is the catch"?

As I carefully looked over the entire listing, there it was near the bottom in smaller print. it read something like this:
1] Created Diamonds (there is only one way to create REAL DIAMONDS and that is called nature). I don't believe that is what the seller was trying to disclose. It is either a diamond, another type of gemstone or it is simulated.
2] 14K gold plated. There is a huge value difference between 10K, 14K, 18K, Vermeil Gold, Gold filled and Gold plated.

The bottom line of the example above is that the bracelet might have been worth the starting bid but if the bidder was thinking that they were getting a bargain, it is very probable that they were not. When you are bidding and buying, read everything included in the listing and if you are unsure of something, don't be afraid to ask a question. Check out the seller's feedback.

Remember, I'm not trying to overload you with information here. This is a reference guide. If you want easy access to this guide, the easiest way may be to go to my ebay "ME" PAGE and select me as a favorite seller. Then any time you need to reference information in this ebay guide, you'll be able to find it easily. Okay, so here we go with Silver 101.

NOTE: Many types of silver are discussed. I could not fit the entire article. For gold-plated, consider what the author says about silvrr plating. Good Luck!


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