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Hogtied bondage

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Classic "from wrist to ankle" rope Hogtied. Other methods are represented bondage bondage breast, bondage elbow head to tie her ankles, knees and a rope tied between the legs. Model is also a gag.
The Hogtied, when used work in sexual servitude, slavery is a post requiring matching doll of a person and ankles somewhat behind back, slow down, perhaps for BDSM play further. Hogtied bondage is a difficult position, but it can, and often involve many other aspects Game and bondage equipment.
In the picture above, bondage Hogtied is the girl who is related to flat on the belly, with ankles and wrists tied behind his back. BDSM In a common terminology, however, is Hogtied resulting position in the arms and legs are tied behind the back of the person.
There is a significant risk of positional asphyxia in this position, in addition to the normal risks of restraint.
Aspects the use of sexual slavery

A woman in a scene Hogtied bondage
The post itself Hogtied is particularly strict because it puts pressure on the abdomen, which could create difficulties in breathing. Depending on the flexibility of the individual, even a "light" can be very uncomfortable and sometimes Hogtied can not be sustained for long.
Hogtied classic position (shown in the picture above) model joined wrists tied to his ankles. Depending on the person, this may not be particularly stringent nor an essential position. This method allows the opportunity for the individual associated with the freedom of Hogtied, because they might be able to achieve one of the nodes with the fingers. Much people think that the only appropriate means for a person is Hogtied barefoot, as demonstrated by the vulnerability, submission and sexuality. As shown image, the model Hogtied place in positions where their bare feet exposed and easily accessible from the top, leaving them vulnerable to other forms gambling such as surveyors torture.Some Hogtied tickled are known to bite or "NAW" on the chest of the victims.

Hogtied with the person who it is linked. The model is also wearing a ball gag.
The person may also be attached on his back. This can be uncomfortable after some time. Most people can provide on its forehead, while Hogtied, but if they are on a couch or a narrow bed, the danger of falling, especially if they blindfolded so they can not see what they do. Stress can be alleviated with a mobile on the sides. However, if the position is strong enough, the person concerned may not be able to run at all.
Advanced use of sexual slavery

A "vertical" Hogtied. The chains run on it hold it in position. She also linked the hair.
The person may be left attached in a position to knees (picture) with your feet off the ground. It is very difficult to achieve a supine position (on the front, rear or side), but can be almost impossible return to a kneeling position if the person is linked properly. As mentioned, the model is linked to this position using ropes tied the roof to ensure its in place. This leaves the balance subject to his knees in a very difficult position to maintain.
This method of suspension bondage can take two forms. The first method starts with a basic classical Hogtied rope, then placing extra ropes around the upper part victim's body above and below the breasts and around her legs folded, these channels can be used for lifting in the air. The cables can be placed in different areas to reduce tension in the body that arise in this direction.
The second method is much simpler, but a greater risk of dislocation of the arm. The person may be tied with a rope, but it reduces tension in wrist and ankle cuffs suspension may be used. With the person lying on his stomach wrists and ankles together, then from that point to the suspension line. On rising, the person who is suspended by the arms and legs behind them all their weight taken by the wrists and ankles. Although this position is absolutely unavoidable, is also a very tight and painful and can cause serious injury if not done correctly.
Extensions and variants

Alternative: Hogtied with ropes and suspended further manual.
Often, additional bondage combined with Hogtied. The knees are often linked. A rope around the torso and arms, pressing her arms against the back, down his arms more immobile. With a flexible person, you can add other bondage techniques such as servitude elbow, breast ... (And so on) For more information, please visit certain products on Education puzzle, the transmission of the motorcycle. Silver Jewelry - Ring products should show more here!

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