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The metaphysical point of view of death and life after death Part 1

Mankind throughout the ages have seen death as something of malicious and horrible, terrible, something best avoided at all costs - that is, if a choice has been given - but no other choice, they are forced to succumb for lack of power over his presence. Anticipating the end of life in an unexpected moment and the prospect of the possible annihilation of identity self, humanity views death as a state or condition fear. This fear is based on all around, most deaths is reported to suffer the anguish and agony in the process of death. Fear of death is in fact the fear of the unknown man, and indicates the easement man in his ignorance, which eventually becomes expressions superstition. Due to the underlying fear, laboriously man tries to postpone death through the media medical and other medical science, however, not yet found a way to prolong life indefinitely - or alleviate the fears of one year to provide comfort or respond to profound questions about this ancient mystery. Knowing the true nature of death frees man from slavery their fears and attachment to their various superstitions associated with it. These knowledge based on personal experience can be gained - Different beliefs is a limit to the soul as illusory. Alice Bailey, writing for Tibet in the "Treatise on White Magic", refers the fear of men facing death:

"The spirit of man is so undeveloped that the fear of the unknown, the terror of the unknown and attachment to form a situation in which one of the most beneficial in the life cycle of an incarnation of the Son of God is seen as something avoided and postponed as long as possible. "(1972:494)

We can see in his statement that one of the factors that makes the man struggle against death is attachment to the form. The identification of self with fitness misleading to think that the dissolution of the body results physical annihilation of self. Sri Shankaracharya, the main representative of Advaita Vedanta, taught to deceive the mind with its beliefs in the reality of how slavery makes Cosmic Maya or illusion. Philosophically speaking, it is the state of duality, and unless man perceives the underlying reality in the world twice, and that its true nature, living in fear and in a state of slavery. This is not real may be destroyed, what is unreal does not exist outside of our false perceptions and understanding. Is avidya, or ignorance. To understand the true state of affairs is to be truly liberated from death. A consciousness expands and rises to a form of God, when you know the truth and death for what it really is. What Bailey does not mention is that the soul-process "death" can be lived in a state of meditation. The mystics call the "living dead", and mystics have reached an advanced stage that can determine in advance and release time and the process of physical death and mysticism - are executed with the permission of God. Mystic Death offers the possibility acquire the vision beautific call Marifatullah by Islamic gnostics. We will not dwell on this mystical aspect of this article, but focus more on the aspect physical death and dying.

Before we begin, let us first define fields of study over death. The study is properly called "Thanatology" (from Greek thanatos, "death"). The Encyclopedia Britannica says:

"... The description or study of death and dying and the psychological mechanisms to deal with them. Thanatology refers to the notion of death as popularly perceived and especially with the reactions death, which he believes can be learned a lot about how to deal with the approach of death. . . In general, psychologists agree that Two general concepts of death that help explain simultaneous processes of living and dying. The "my death before death" concept emphasizes the irrational belief that if "death" is a certainty, an exemption may be in "my case." The second concept, "extinction partial or total deaths, "said the conviction that the experience of mourning after the death of friends and family, a person becomes as close possible to achieve "partial death." These experiences color the individual attitude towards greater personal loss, leading to final loss of life itself.

"Thanatology also examines attitudes toward death, the meaning and behavior of mourning and pain, and of moral and ethical issues of euthanasia, organ transplants, and life. "

thanatology deals with death from different perspectives, from the perspective of the cultural and anthropological, clinical, biological, religious, metaphysical, and so death itself is defined in dictionaries as "the extinction of life ', the' cease to be."

As the whole, the average person does not speak or think about death. Once chosen as a topic for discussion, for example, the issue is often and quickly overshadowed most life of 'bad' needs and often speaking softly. Death has always been a taboo subject in dimly lit environments. This negative attitude of the man and understanding of the nature of the disease can be fatal self-inflicted torment and pain. The man lacks understanding of the truth of death is mainly the result of a gap in knowledge of spiritual truths, and a lack of spiritual awareness. Religious doctrines and equipment based educational systems inadvertently encouraged the negative attitude of man towards death. Paint horrible conditions of the State after death, eternal punishment and torture in the way that the cruelties and atrocities of the Inquisition, the materialist conception of nihilism and annihilation. Religion and academic institutions do not offer a real convenience or comfort those whose loved ones have faced the great change. The only recourse for those seeking a better understanding of death through the acquisition of knowledge about the metaphysical nature and developing a more greater awareness of life multidimensional life simply can not cease to be. Life is real and eternal, because it's not complicated. Forms are, therefore, are evanescent. Clinging and is attributed to what is temporal, and point of view of the Absolute as "illusory" is often one feel threatened in various circumstances of life.

To break free of their suffering as pain and anguish, humanity everything should be re-educated about the real nature of death, its value, its process, and report to the state of life after the great transition. A framework for personal existence must be expanded to include multi-dimensional worlds, the immortal aspect, and not limited to physical matter. Concurrent process of cleaning the mind of false beliefs and notions about death - both the result of social conditioning and brainwashing - it there must be a research, research on the true purpose of life. To move through the transition does not know the purpose of personal existence is to have lived in vain. It is said that good death, we must first learn to live well, and this is true for our negative karma and our bad attitudes and fear of death leads to a causal relationship to pain and suffering in the Bardo, the process of death - to be discussed in subsequent chapters. For this reason, it is for us all to undertake the study of thanatology - The science of death, as understood by metaphysics, to live a dignified life, to relieve the sense of suffering, and remove our doubts about the death and the state after death. Death is simply a transformation, a process similar to that of a caterpillar become a butterfly through metamorphosis.

Our "Destiny" and experiences in the afterlife and in the process of death are largely determined by our karma, beliefs, knowledge (or lack thereof) purity, fairness and understanding of the mission and purpose of our stay in the physical plane. Life in this physical dimension must be considered as an opportunity to mature and free of all restrictions fatal, despite working with an organic glass. Some people who suffer the vicissitudes and difficulties of life often complain that it was not his desire to be born, which means it was not their desire to live or stay here in this physical world, and yet, in sense that they contradict themselves by expressing fear of death, saying they do not want to die - which means they want to live. These inconsistencies reflect the non-knowledge of spiritual realities and truths. Death must be seen as an initiation into the mysteries of nature more high. Therefore, one of the most important events in a spiritual journey. The field of life, his own lower self, and service the highest intelligence, more intelligent is the preparation of this great experiment initiation.

In ancient cultures, the existence of the afterlife was taken for granted. Other times, there were the concepts or beliefs beyond the "Happy Hunting Grounds", "Olympus" and Elysian Fields. spiritual instincts "of primitive and modern man have always rebelled against the idea of death, and rightly, for the death is actually non-existent, but the average person is generally aware and unaware of this truth, or choose to ignore it for some reason. Death should not be considered a final or concluding chapter of his life, because death is a change, a stage, a transition to another plane of consciousness, activity of various dimensions. Orthodox or conservative scientists agree with Einstein's equation, E = mc2 ", we say that nothing in the universe can be destroyed, it can be a transformation, change or transformation of the fields patterns of energy consumption, which is the economics of life that is recognized as a law of the universe, yet well furnished with this theorem scientific knowledge, these same scientists are skeptical about the survival of personal consciousness or awareness of principle ", as Tibetan Buddhists for his appointment. integrating science, but many faces of positive data on the survival of consciousness among researchers in related fields with the paranormal and still expressing disbelief about their reality. Why is the life force, soul and conscience are not regarded by scientists as the energy fields, like all objects to their smallest component, electrons, protons and neutrons are known to be such? More succinctly, why scientists do not recognize the soul? Is it, perhaps unconscious because of the opposition and antagonism toward religion that has long pursued science in centuries? From the occult standpoint, the affiliates strongly spirits or energy flows according to certain qualities thoughts and feelings generated by the authors or members of the group spirit. This is called a egregore. Egregores may last indefinite useful life, living for centuries, and that any influence between their fields of mental strength and emotional. With these egregores an individual, a scientist, for example, who live in the distant past can affect the scientific life in the present. harmful feelings toward religion and its principles, like his statement that the living soul which survives the dissolution of the physical body can lead to past and present. As you can understand the antagonism of science can not be truly addressed the concept of the afterlife, or survival of the soul, but religion as a whole, and discord is an unconscious feeling - the result of centuries of abuse at the hands of religion - Executed on behalf of the Almighty.

Researchers and representatives of classical science, however, have not been tested in the laboratories of the cessation of life, not survival of the consciousness after death. On the contrary, are very close to discover and prove the reality and validity. Apparently, the Veil of Isis is thinning However, the question of the survival of consciousness, in our opinion, can not be satisfactory and a good result for us by personal experience - one by phenomena such as NDE (Near Death Experience) and the projection of his consciousness and subtle bodies. Without personal experience would be an element of doubt the truth beyond our understanding, and the illusion of our understanding. Knowing the truth of death removes the fear, pain and sadness. When we understand the nature and mechanism of life and death, begins to lead a life philosophy and mysticism, open to spiritual truths and impressions. We begin to live in harmony with the forces and laws of nature, in conformity with the objectives of the Divine Plan. Scientists have become philosophers and mystics order to break any trends closer to the spirit of the truth of life after death.

It is wrong to think that the nature of death and beyond the state can be known at the same time it is expressed and functioning in the sphere in three dimensions. Religious fundamentalism in general would have us believe. Man dies temporarily during sleep each night to the state, and calls his activities during this state of "dream". practices the death of the man each time you enter delta-theta state. A bad memory of the evening's activities as a result of a misunderstanding the nature and the relationship between sleep and death. The development enhances the spiritual activity of memory and consciousness of the astral "no sleep" state. Refinement of the soul is dispersed in the etheric crown chakra and forms a link between brain and mind that enable the free movement of personal awareness of higher dimensions without a break in consciousness. Basically, the only difference between death and the state of dream is that death is permanent elimination, in principle, by the physical body, while in sleep is only a temporary condition. Sutratma death or silver lace, snaps, and the staff of the consciousness leaves the physical body to disintegrate and return to the earth whence it comes. In the resting state, the cable that connects the physical organs of the subtle body is maintained. In essence, death is an illusion. Death is in fact an interval between two states or planes of consciousness. It eventuate in the return of all components of the microcosm in his place. This truth is expressed in poetry poetry Ovid:

"Four things are of man: spirit, soul, spirit, flesh

"These four, four seats to maintain and make

"The land covers meat, the ghost is passed over the falls

"Orcus has the soul and spirit that stars want. "

The man has the divine ability to be aware of his being that exists independently of physics. This is accomplished in what was called lucid dreaming and astral projection, or "OBE (out-of-body-experience) and modern name the phenomenon. Like St. Paul, it is possible for us to say that "he knew a man who went to the third heaven, and hear things not just for the uninitiated. Death is a shift of consciousness from one plane to another. This is also achieved through such means. astral projection is a skill that all must seek to acquire metaphysical - which is education and open paths of services that can make one. Most, if not all traditions mystics teach that ability hidden. The Taoist yoga practitioner, for example, learns in the course of his studies on how to separate the soul and spirit of the physical body. Advance Mystics and occultists are able to operate with full consciousness in the physical, astral and mental. These people have nothing to do with the arguments of the materialists - arguments indicating survival is not me, for any mystic knows the truth of the matter by the experience personal.

Dying for insiders, is a science and an art. The technique of death is known in the consciousness interdimensional travel. The familiar Psychonaut with the phases of the bard who heads one of six "domains" or liberation from the cycle of reincarnation. This is the reality of reincarnation This shows that we are no stranger to death. We embody and pass through the change of death until the emancipation of the wheel of birth and rebirth. We have all met with the angel of death on countless occasions and that the spectrum will meet once more in the future. All religions refer to this cycle of life and death, although some metaphorically.

Every metaphysician should be familiar with the issue of death, as understood in the esoteric sense, in terms of hidden processes. During his metaphysics of the department, people often encounter who suffer from anxiety and grief. The metaphysician should be able to offer the kind of comfort that goes beyond service of the ceremony Burial and uttered words, "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust ..." for the dying, and recently adopted on metaphysics in advance, if it acts as a guide for inner levels of being. He should play the role of Anubis, guide the soul went to his place. This should be an integral part of any given last rites, sacraments. There is a superstition Therefore, fear and ignorance on the nature of death among the masses. It is, therefore, it is the metaphysical counselor to play their role in society informative, and that department would good of humanity as a whole. We believe that this work should be written to remind the metaphysicians of the importance of passing truths masses on the continuity of life, personal identity and consciousness. A professional image is enhanced when they are well equipped with knowledge. Although much has been written on the subject of death, gave much valuable information, we take this opportunity to add some of our own views and experiences to enrich the existing literature store learning and humanity.

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