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"I can sue the school to tell me I can not have been a Buddhist hanging around my neck?

other children large gold cross around neck or not those who have money, but I can not have been a Buddhist necklace with NECKLACE-/300415762209 http://cgi.ebay.com/COLORFUL-WHITE-TARA-TIBETAN-BUDDHIST-PENDANT-? LH_DefaultDomain_0 pt = & hash = item45f22cbf21 # Ht_2553wt_907 that's what it looks like I'm 19

You could try. If you can not get damages they could at least file for an injunction to prevent discrimination and the clear establishment of religion. If you have been suspended or expelled for it, yeah can continue, but if it's just a dress policy, then there can be no real damage or anything. You can call the ACLU, and new, and others. This could make them change their policy and would be much less money in your pocket in legal fees. Also appears to be a violation of equal protection to discriminate against you based on their religious preferences, and could also be a possible violation of freedom of expression, but have allowed others to wear crosses. If you can "Preach" Christianity in school through the port, then you should be able to "announce" Buddhism. EDIT: Your parents may sue on their behalf. How do you think that children who wore black armbands to school took her case all the way to the Supreme Court? Possible. I do not care what the other poster said, whether to allow children to wear crosses, then it is a flagrant violation of constitutional civil rights and only says you can not use a symbol representing their religious faith. See Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District, 393 U.S. 503 (1969) The only question is whether your parents and you want to spend time and money going after that. It does not seem to stop you from practicing their faith, but I worry that limit the best symbols of a religious school district according to wear and what no.

Jewellery beauty and spirituality of Turquoise

Turquoise was considered a metaphysical assistance. It is believed that relations help and friendship. Promotes connections not only with those around us, but also with our inner selves. Those who believe in the benefits of stones metaphysical belief that this tone helps us to strengthen and harmonize the body, helps the communication of our emotions, our senses and intuition and creativity strengthen. Centre to help the person and constitutes strong support for meditation and peace of mind. Support for independent action to protect us the unknown. Some wear a pendant turquoise because of its properties curative. This stone is supposed to help diseases of the respiratory, digestive and skeletal. Turquoise is supposed to emanate an energy that dissipates purification negative thoughts and emotions. Native Americans believed turquoise protected people at war, and helped the war effort.

The spiritual aspects of this stone has been recognized and used for several centuries now. The ancient Egyptians who found the stone found in the Sinai there was no connection with the gods. Thus, only kings, queens and priests were allowed to significant wear and jewelry charms, turquoise, and only those people with high prestige in the society were allowed to decorate their homes with this stone. Indians found this stone near Cerrillos, New Mexico Gemstone also held in high esteem. They saw that the turquoise color is like the sky was turquoise found in the earth. Therefore concluded that the Turquoise represents the meeting of heaven and earth. They built this stone in their spiritual rituals. The Egyptians and Amerindian civilizations are not only compliance with this stone. The Aztecs and Incas also worshiped the stone. Even today, Tibetans continue to use the stone as part of their religious ceremonies.

The color of the stone was the cause of most spiritual beliefs credited to this stone, and has also attracted the attention of fans of jewelry in the world. It is a beautiful gem that is often used in sterling silver. Has also been used in conjunction with other gemstones like pearls, coral and garnet. In white pearl necklaces, turquoise can be incorporated as a pendant, or interspersed with blue beads with white freshwater pearls. The blue color of this stone is very bright, but sober. This makes it very versatile turquoise can be used in designing jewelry for men and women. In addition, you can use to casual and formal occasions.

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