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Tibet article analysis?

I'm doing an article analysis and was wondering what the heck this article was really talking about? I was guessing Tibet was mass producing an illegal documents...but couldn't figure out what that document was. If anyone could spend 5 minutes reading this I'd be very thankful. Thank you!


The stress in the report is on suppression of the dissemination of information (curtailment of 'right to information'). Even otherwise, much of such Tibetan activity is taking place where Dalai Lama resides on which Chinese have little control. If Chinese are really improving Tibetans' lot through ideological methods, they need not trumpet it so loud. Lenin said 'the vendor with the shoddiest goods shouts (about his wares) the loudest in the market'.
Truth is Tibetans are swamped by the 'Han' thousand to one. It is an unwinnable situation. A similar and milder but equally brutal scene is the Western Sahara occupied by Morocco, where the 'outnumbering ratio' is about four hundred to one. Strangely, so far there is neither a mention of 'swamping by numbers' nor any international remedy for such a situation. I haven't come across a mention of it anywhere in my extensive studies!
UN seems to be oblivious or that there is a 'deal' amongst some of the 'big 5' of UNSC, a diplomatic nicety ('I scratch your back, you scratch mine' or worse '...you scratch my scrotum'). That is why Chinese are sitting pretty atop Lhasa. Even to save face they should say that they would allow the Tibetans their culture, their way of living and social structure if Tibetans accept Chinese suzerainty, which Tibetans said that they would. This is what the 'world' wants in the bargain. It shows Chinese intentions clearly. Age-old concept of 'Lebensraum'. Four hundred thousand square miles of territory is no trifling matter. It is no trifling matter because all that 'garb as grab can' of earlier half of last century and its earlier half century is past now that we have reached twenty-first century.
I was wondering when Nelson Mandela was in gaol that, that country (South Africa) would always be white-dominated, holding a policy of 'Apartheid'. It was immense pleasure, as if choking in a pail of sweet milk, when suddenly SA became its own self, well-deserved and legitimate. At that moment I was immensely grateful to the whites of SA with the highest praise. I see the "divine hand" (though I am an atheist, I was forced) that put exalted good sense in their skulls. Yet again, it is the numbers this time but in reverse order, 'one against six' that proved to be winnable, at least in the long run. I got a CD of the movie 'Wilby Conspiracy' in which Sydney Poitier starred and watched again. Particularly the last scene when a bunch of black boys pull down a helicopter lifting to take off.
So, situation there (in Tibet) is unwinnable. But the silver lining is Chinese, in spite of their glorious culture dating back to five millennia are notoriously short-sighted. They are intensely concentrated intheir view of 'here and now'. Or they truly burnt their heritage in the cultural revolution. The short-sightedness might prove to be their undoing. If my conjecture is correct something good will come the Tibetan way.
Forget about that document whatever it is. But do something to your English (where were you taught?) which says "an illegal documents..." and quick. That is if you want to be successful about your 'article analysis'.


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