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What can I get my husband for our anniversary?

Tomorrow is our anniversary and I have no Idea on what to get him. I would like for it to be sentimental something he will remember forever. I'm looking to spend 200-300 please give me some Ideas cause I'm at a loss. I really want it to be special! Thanks!

A reasonably priced silver ring with the semi-precious stone---and design--of his choice, by a craftsman, not the usual jewelry store junk (like Kays). When my woman and I got engaged in the seventies, she got me a fire agate one, and I got her a moonstone one (from a craftsman in a shop in Del Amo Old Towne Mall in Torrance, Calif.)--We picked both design and stone--and ended up both delighted. At that time, they were around $60. Maybe $250 now? Forget the diamond nonsense..such cold stones.

They may be some nice ones online too. Look for original designs...like Celtic tradition. Maybe Tibetan or Native American. I used to have a magnificent large turquoise one I bought on-special at a pawn shop for next to nothing, in the nineties. I grabbed me another ring a couple of weeks ago, with a large tiger-eye stone for about $50, from a friend at the Hollywood Swap Meet...What a blast..and no need to break the bank. The point is to find something that is unique and fits the individual (not so much the price..or that it is new). Play!!!

The beauty and spirituality of Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise was considered a metaphysical assistance. It is believed that relations help and friendship. Promotes connections not only with those around us, but also with our inner selves. Those who believe in the benefits of metaphysical stones believe that this tone helps us to strengthen and align the body, helps the communication of our emotions, our senses and intuition and enhance creativity. Centre help the person and constitutes strong support for meditation and peace of mind. Support for independent action to protect ourselves from the unknown. Some wear a pendant turquoise money because of its healing properties. This stone is supposed to help diseases of the respiratory, digestive and skeletal. Turquoise is supposed to emanate an energy purification that dissipates negative thoughts and emotions. Native Americans believed turquoise protected people from war and their efforts have contributed to the war.

Spiritual aspects This stone has been recognized and used for several centuries now. The ancient Egyptians who found the stone in Sinai believed he did not connection with the gods. Thus, only kings, queens and priests were allowed to significant wear jewelry and charms, turquoise, and that these people with a high prestige in the society were allowed to decorate their homes with this stone. Native Americans found this stone near Cerrillos New Mexico also took the jewel in high esteem. They saw that the turquoise color is like the sky and turquoise was found in the earth. A is therefore concluded that the combination of turquoise sky and earth. They built this stone in their spiritual rituals. The Egyptians and the Native American civilizations were not only respect this stone. The Aztecs and Incas also worshiped the stone. Even today, Tibetans continue to use the stone in their religious ceremonies.

The color of the stone was the cause of most spiritual beliefs credited to the stone, and also attracted the attention of fans of jewelry in the world. It is a magnificent stone often used in jewelry in sterling silver. Was also used in conjunction with other gemstones like pearls, coral and garnet. In White pearl necklaces, turquoise can be incorporated as a pendant, or interspersed with blue beads with white freshwater pearls. The blue color of this stone is absolutely brilliant but simple. This makes it very versatile turquoise can be used in designing jewelry for men and women. In addition, can also be used for casual and formal occasions.

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