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"It's barbecue season!?

I am looking for a good barbecue recipe. Something very simple to prepare, I decided to cook tonight. Ideas? Thanks!

oil grilled marinated shrimp INGREDIENTS * 1 cup olive oil 1 / 4 cup chopped fresh parsley 1 lemon, juice of 2 tablespoons sauce pepper 3 cloves garlic, minced 1 tablespoon tomato paste 2 teaspoons dried oregano 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon black pepper teaspoon shrimp 2 pounds large peeled and deveined with tails attached MODE skewers in a bowl, mix the olive oil and parsley, lemon juice, hot sauce, garlic, tomato puree, oregano, salt and black pepper. Reserve a small amount of water afterwards. Pour remaining marinade in a resealable plastic bag with large shrimp. Seal and marinate in refrigerator for 2 hours. Preheat grill to medium low. Thread shrimp on skewers, piercing once near the tail and once near the head. Discard the marinade. grill grid lightly with oil. Cook shrimp for 5 minutes per side or until opaque, basting frequently with reserved marinade. * Grilled Bacon Olives Ingredients 30 pitted green olives 10 slices bacon, cut into thirds MODE Wrap each olive with a piece of bacon and secure with a toothpick. Preheat grill to medium heat. When is hot, lightly oil grill. Olive Grill until bacon is crisp, about 10 minutes. Turn often and keep a bottle of spray Outbreak bacon fat. Bring to a plate lined with paper towels to absorb excess fat. Chicken Satay * 1 / 4 cup porthole Bold Original BBQ Sauce 1 / 4 cup butter KRAFT smooth peanut 1 / 4 cup fresh lemon juice 2 tablespoons soup. cilantro, chopped 1 pound boneless chicken breasts, skinned, cut into strips 12 wooden skewers mixing, barbecue sauce, peanut butter, coriander and lemon juice. Pour the marinade into a resealable plastic bag. Add chicken and marinate for 1 hour or overnight in the refrigerator. THREAD chicken on skewers. Discard the marinade. Grill over medium-high heat 4-5 minutes per side or until chicken is cooked. Cooking Know-soak skewers in water for 1 hour to prevent burning. * Excellent Lamb Kebab Ingredients: 5 lbs leg of lamb, boned 12 pins, each cut in half pineapple 2 medium onions 12 medium red, 12 tablespoons finely chopped fresh basil leaves, chopped 6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 4 c. tablespoons walnut oil ½ liter of red wine 8 cloves garlic, crushed sea salt freshly ground black pepper Preparation: Cube the lamb and pineapple into 1-inch. With the exception of corn, mix the remaining ingredients marinade. Mix the meat with the marinade and refrigerate for a day. Drag the corn, pineapple and lamb on bamboo skewers. Oil the grill and cook on high for 10-15 minutes. with marinade while cooking and turn brush often. Or try this link JST & U BBQ recipes abound http://www.abbys-kitchen.com/barbecue-bbq-recipes.htm 🙂 Enjoyment

Create a postcard holiday in force this season

Creating postcards is not that difficult. In fact, you do not spend lot of time money and effort to print and send your own postcards. However, when done well, everything Postal printing project can be an effective marketing tool, especially this season to bring good news and the joy of holiday party to celebrate this special time of year.

Instead of their typical holiday cards hello, use a residence in print form, taste and more appreciated by the readers of your destination without having to open an envelope to see their wishes. You can include these tips in this holiday season wonderful postcard project and add a good news for your business.

You better make a list and double check. Review and file a greeting to your list of customers who have made a previous purchase. And remember, it is always possible in its list of customers who seek only or questions about your products or services. Email a quick hello drop a postcard holiday fast e-mail.

Make the season bright. To capture the attention of your readers, be sure to paint a brilliant realistic images, and not just their images, but also with their message. Stress In making this holiday season so popular: the warmth and joy of the season. Make your target readers are warm and fuzzy with the printed mailing piece.

Offer your customers an invitation to visit - with incentives. Perhaps as a gift or special discount when they bring their card to your store. Or you might throw a class party to celebrate their most loyal customers. This can also be some satisfaction in which your customers feel you appreciate their loyalty and the business they bring in.

Tis the Season With joy and different. Change the size and shape of exemption from postal rule. Make your holiday cards stand out from the rest. Try custom shapes. A Christmas tree, a shining star, Christmas ornament, mistletoe - these are some ideas to distinguish your postcard in a pile of mail and send a message clear even before the reader begins to read the welcome message.

The context of this exercise is to make special holiday postcard that is not the only joy and happiness spread their good at this moment of joy, but also allow your company the opportunity to highlight the rest. Once you have established this unique identity, its customers benefit not only tasty savings available, but your company will be jolly happy, bright, its success also print postcards.

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