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Not exactly so, but I sell cars. I have clients who said: "If you get the price of xxx then pay in cash at the moment." And if I do, then they do.

Tips on buying a new boat or used

Buying a new boat:
Do you plan to buy a new boat? If you have a moment when the first ship, or navigation of the water for decades, there are steps to take. As exciting buying a new boat is not something that should be taken.

You must decide which boat is right for you and your needs. If Please note that you can use the vessel, to be with you, and where you take your boat. You can find this information to buy reading articles on different types of boats, the survey of Web surfing, and looking through magazines for boat review. Boat shows are a great way to learn about styles of boat sizes, engines and equipment. Read opinions and experiences of others vessels may have influenced your decision or give you ideas.

What size should I expect?
Decide what size boat you have need is important. You do not want to take a boat that is too small for their intended use, or is too great for making fishing. Boats tend to have more amenities such as cabins, bathrooms and kitchens. However, this means that there are more systems to be included and updated. Some boats are too large to be towed, leading to transport problems. You'll also have more gas to operate.

New or used?
Decide if you want a boat that has never touched water or one that has had some experience. Acquisition of new and used boats has its advantages and disadvantages, like everything else. If you buy new or second hand shop; around before making a major purchase.

If you buy a new boat, you know you do not already have problems or repairs that must be done. If something is wrong with the boat itself once it is under warranty. Buying new also allows you to order tailored to their specific needs and desires. There are financing options to purchase a new boat, which allows lower interest rates and offers. If buying new, make sure to resolve the problems that come guarantee remains in force.

If it is a boat you are looking for experienced, as buying opportunity is your best option. Used boats are good for sailors who do not know what they do on the boat. If you're on a budget, buying used cheaper than new ones. You can not find exactly what you want in a used boat, resulting in additional costs to customize more late. Before buying your used boat, get a marine survey and inspected the ship. The verification of damage or structural problems lifts not to mention the owner, or have not known. It will also be able to detect whether the vessel should be repaired in the near future. With this information, you can take a decision on whether to actually buying used will save you more money.

Make sure the dealer you purchased your boat from a good reputation. Check around and ask for advice help you in the long term. It is very important to check the distributor or seller proof of ownership. You do not want to buy a boat that was stolen. If you feel as if you need assistance in finding and buying your boat may want to hire a yacht broker. They will help you to determine which boat is best for you, negotiate agreements and funding arrangements.

Test Drive
Like a car, a boat must also be taken for a test drive. Once you think you have found the boat you want to buy, it's a good idea to see how it handles in water. Here you can see if you like the way she moves, and if it suits you. There is some evidence that you have to do everything in the water. Check Engine to see if they are hot before starting the engine. In this case, the owner may not be in place before arrival. This would be done to hide the fact that ship may have trouble booting. The block should be checked at the beginning and the end of the test oil leak. While in the dock, maneuver the boat around back and forth to see if the response time. Check the forward direction while at a slow speed, and save the time it takes the boat the aircraft at high speed. Take several turns, the width and tight, with different speeds. If the bow of the boat bouncing in straight sections, in adjusting the adjustment should be able to resolve the problem. Check to see how the boat handles waves and wakes up without problems. You do not want to ride side by side. Should also note how the indicators and instruments work well as the oil pressure. Engine must operate for a sufficient time to check overheating.

The purchase of the boat:
Be sure to review all prices and follow the instructions blue book prices. This will help you negotiate the best price for your boat. Once the price you are satisfied that the owner put it in writing. This will eliminate any problem with price changes before the sale is completed. The agreement should also provide a list of words and accessories that are included in the price. If you buy a new boat, contact several lenders to get the best deal on financing.

A few more things after purchase:
It's a good idea to take a safety course in navigation. Even if you are familiar with water, and were in many Usually in the past, then you should take the course. There are some safety tips to follow to ensure you have a safe summer and fun on his boat.

You are now the proud owner of a ship which is new to you. When you secure your boat, it is very important to include the study and control if you have one.
Register your boat and you a new registration sticker. Title your boat with your name above it will be re-titled. Pay Sales Tax. Get your boat inspected the premises of the Coast Guard and show the label on the port side window.

Prepare by creating a budget is important. Owning a boat can be expensive. Plan What are the costs that it considers necessary to his boat and do not forget the cost of fuel. Next saving tips will help you complete your budget.

If you're not an experienced sailor, his first trip on the water should be with. They may show some very useful such as gear, mooring and towing. The help you feel more comfortable and confident enough to be on your own.
Make sure is equipped with needs. Keep a tool kit, first aid kit, documentation, bulbs, fuses and manuals on board.

Exit water and enjoy your new boat!

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