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What kind of girls Do you like?

Ok, so I'm in high school and I'm curious to know what kind of boys and girls. The films are realistic when a handsome male Guy falls for a beautiful and sweet innocent girl? 1. Do you prefer beautiful or sexy charm? 2. Do you prefer girls with or without makeup? O between the two? 3. What kind of men prefer the body type? Big breasts, buttocks, and curves? O slim, small and fragile? Or the sports and tonic? 4. Nice and innocent girls, or strong and powerful? 5. Smart dumb? 6. Man? As if her daughter goes to school in a beautiful pink dress / skirt or pants tight jeans and sexy tops that show cleavage?

Personally I like pretty innocent girls re / I like smart girls Nice long as th clothes that fit u ur dish is a bit like Hollister things for me the face is the most important feature Physical slim body. AMAZING that personality + =

How many women charm: three hot tips to make any woman fall for you

Not everyone is born Casanova, but at least everyone can learn how women charm. And this article will teach you exactly how to do it!

Some techniques are taught which has been used by thousands of men between different eras and cultures. However, over time, these men have become fewer and more of them.

But when knowledge came transmitted! So if you want to learn how to charm women and be a true gentleman, read on!

1) Develop

In ancient times, men use a different tone when talking with women and talking to their countrymen. With women, their voices have been more attractive, sexy and smooth - even load. His tones are a bit more than usual and almost silent.

Much women still enjoy a beautiful voice when they hear one. Why not try to calm down and speak in a tone? It is also useful if you use a woman's name often. Just do not make it sound too afraid or you will be qualified as anything else.

2) Always the first.

Another thing that a woman loves a man when he is available at any time. Need someone to help carry boxes in place? I'm your man. Is it necessary for me to go with you and help with grocery bags? I'll be there!

Note, however, that these things are asked of you. Where this is the case, which is to be available all the time.

But do not volunteer. If you see her struggle against the door, will help. But you do not volunteer to help with your shopping list. This may cause suspicion of their intentions. Instead of learning women of charm, you end up off the fear!

3) show the capacity, not previously reported.

If you want to learn the woman of charm, you can surprise them with a capacity of secrecy. If you are barbecuing mean, why not bring some to work and allow the girls to be the judge. They pleasantly surprised to know that you were the one who did. And for you too! If you like painting, you can add to your CV with pleasant surprises.

Learn how easily women charm whenever you have the confidence to try techniques. Remember: It starts with you. Do not be intimidated and stand tall.

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These tips are effective; but to really captivate girls, you need to know how to make women laugh. The FREE hot eBooks at will show you the secrets to tickle their funny bone. And if you want to be a girl magnet, persuasion techniques are your keys to success.


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