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Attending a wedding! What dress to buy? for a person of 15 years? Brand? accentuate the ass please .. Lill black dress.?

I I am invited to a wedding at a time in months. It will take place in a large ballroom. I have 15 years this year, 1.6 cm in height. 58 kg. So what brand should I buy? Or if you sell it? I need one that can accentuate the ass. - What type of cut that's her name? It's probably my most attractive that can increase ... I'm a little tired. but keep in mind the right tone throughout. I have short hair ... You can think of a dress straps would be good? What type of heels I can do get? See some of the photos, are welcome Wil ... Topshop, River Island, Miss Selfridge? What brand? I like the colors: purple satin (like most do use a bridesmaid), black, white with pink ... with details such as ribbon belt would suffice. 🙂 -beaded-dress-oyster-pink/Collection/Dresses/PartyDresses/product-is-DR01507_001 -pocket-halterneck-dress-silver/Collection/Dresses/PartyDresses / product is DR02374_016 these dresses are beautiful for a wedding .... hope u like them:) message for more help ...

Drawings wedding invitation to your celebration Standout

For those planning a wedding, the goal is often become an unforgettable experience and something you can talk for months if not years to come. This requires attention to each element of the wedding and reception. This includes dresses, tuxedos, accessories, flowers, decorations, food and beverages, favors and arrangements reception table. Wedding invitations are also important and should include a drawing that can remind your customers for many years.

The wedding invitations you send are the first indication for guests, a wedding date has been officially established, hence the importance wedding invitations can not be overestimated. Your wedding invitations will not only establish the theme of marriage, they also provide their guests with a brief introduction to the tastes and personality of the couple to marry. If you want to make your celebration stand out so it can be both intended and remember, first choose the best and unique wedding invitations you can find.

The Color choice

Make your celebration stand does not necessarily mean choosing the most brilliant, bold colors wedding invitation that you can find, but the color coordination is always a good idea, because the colors you choose to help set the theme and tone for the wedding.

If you have already chosen the color theme for your wedding, then apply the colors to their wedding invitations is a simple matter. Look at the colors you've selected, then think about how to apply your invites. For example, if you chose yellow as gold and the colors of your wedding, perhaps you could choose wedding invitations with a text written in gold ink on white paper with colored envelopes yellow or yellow-accented.

In addition, if you still have not chosen your wedding colors when selecting your invitations, it may be the perfect time to do it! How to choose the colors of your wedding? Consider factors such as their bridesmaid dresses, the bridal bouquet or the types of decoration you have chosen for the wedding and reception. Normally, you can select one or two complementary colors used in each case. Once you've selected your colors, just ask for access to their invitations to the marriage.

Find combination appropriate color is certainly an important step in the selection of wedding invitations, because they can make your wedding stand out. Therefore, if you are looking wedding invitations to call attention to a budget, choose your colors is a thoughtful excellent way to do.

Styles, shapes and more

If your wedding invitation budget is extended to more color options, you must have an excellent opportunity to create wedding invitations that will be noticed. There are so many options Today, in terms of colors, fonts, reliefs, images, watermarks and additional decorations such as ribbons and strings, bows and brightness. You can really let your imagination and create what you think it would be better.

Some styles simply gorgeous wedding invitation available with bright and beautiful images, fonts that attract attention, and decorative accents. For a wedding in the spring, the "American dream" is the perfect style, with its striking orange and blue flowers and contrasting plain font. Choose the appropriate response, reception, thank you cards and many other elements for a truly exceptional look Gather all the different aspects of your marriage and in relief.

In addition to their invitations romantic wedding, the "Love Knot" style is perfect, delicious cream with his card, which flows from the source and the beautiful arch that supports the invitation all together. Choose a dark red, pink or other pastel color you want for a wonderfully romantic look, and accent ribbon can add an element striking that can make your party every booth at the outset.

Contemporary lines in the Costa Azul "or" Resort "style are certainly eye-catching designs. Pin stripes of different colors contrasting these invitations a breeze to pair with almost any color of marriage, and certainly attract our attention. Tie the invitation with contrasting ribbon or raffia to look very attractive, its customers should be eagerly awaiting the big day.

There are many options for other decorative elements, too. From sensual satin ribbons peas funky, romantic organza bows, at the invitation stamps on the outside of envelopes, stickers inside for beautiful invitations and envelopes, and other decorations to give pleasure to your invitations a little more "Kick." With invitations and decorations like this, its conclusion is justified to highlight from the beginning! While Planning your marriage, keep in mind the importance of their wedding invitations. You must carefully select those invitations because they are a larger purpose to inform their clients of the date of the celebration.

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