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How I can convert a bitmap image in Adobe Photoshop?

I have a bitmap image in the email sent map bits and hatred ... I need to convert an Adobe Photoshop image resize and scrapbook for ... anyone can help me and tell me how? I also want to send an email to my grandmother, but each time the e-mail e-mail is like a big size ... I can also change the size, or what? I want to send PhotoMail tool with Yahoo, but when I try to send it as a bitmap file it sends to the attached room, not really in the mail ... I want to send it as an Adobe file so you can send the same email and grandmother therefore not have to mess with accessories ... Thanks

I do not mean "Adobe Photoshop file. If you find a Photoshop file (. Pts) Your grandmother must have photoshop to open the file. What you want to open bitmap right click the file and open with photoshop or open the bitmap image from within Photoshop, go to open the files. You can then save the bitmap as "jpeg" or "Save for the Web "and rezise or do whatever you want. Just go to File -> Save or File -> Save for Web. And it must be together. Good luck.

Build your imagination with Creative Memory Scrapbooking

Over time, scrapbooking is to get lots of attention for people that you provide a good way to see your memories. Scrapbooking has become a favorite activity of many creative people, such as helping them find an innovative way to save your precious memories forever. These people love to capture their memories in the creation and that is what the creation tools memory scrapbook can do for them. Since scrapbooking is a creative and exciting to keep memories, scrapbooking Creative adds more fun and creativity in which, by experimenting with different styles, colors and patterns.

Usually, people enjoy the activity in scrapbooking, but puzzled when is to develop a creative idea to put memories. These people, who are trying to find ideas perfect for scrapbooking creative memory, you can pick an option Online. Because the Internet offers many sites related to scrapbooking materials, design ideas etc, people are very innovative, Thank you for forms ready for use to maintain a creative memory album. Today, scrapbooking is strongly influenced by digital tools as most people are now the subject of the use of computers and the latest technologies to meet your daily needs for information. Scrapbooking has also become computerized, with the emergence of Internet tools and facilities, tools such as allowing people to put their equipment the creation model already, so they can preserve your memories without having to spend too long in scrapbooking. Manual scrapbooking can be very costly and can not exceed your budget, because it requires a lot of material, such as the variety of roles, colors and decorative. Therefore, it is better to find a way that is considered more profitable than others.

As costs Operating scrapbooking are very high, going to the memory of creating online scrapbooking sites can reduce the cost and make your album scrapbook economic activity. These sites offer wonderful programs and software tools to complement the creative memory scrapbooking projects. With Online these options, you can develop by downloading album cut designs and eye-catching designs, you can also find accessories to decorate your scrapbook. In addition to maintenance records to your computer, you can also take on these sites. The biggest advantage of online scrapbooking is you can access from anywhere, you can also share with friends and family Just plug the site.

If you are interested in memory scrapbooking creative and willing to talk with the least difficulty, scrapbooking sites online are the best choice for you. Now professionals who work at this website online scrapbooking sites make serious efforts to transform the ordinary concept of scrapbooking, so people can get the best options for scrapbooking. For people who like to scrapbook, but can not spend much time on it because of his busy schedule, online creative memory scrapbooking tools are the best way to practice your favorite activity. Not only save time but also provides efficient scrapbooking cheaper material and concepts, so that you can not miss a chance to keep their precious memories.

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