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Is it tacky to buy a fireplace tool set to set beside an electric fireplace?

An electric fireplace is obviously not real but I am considering buying a nice brass fireplace tool set just to complete the "look" if that makes any sense plus I think it would look nice beside my oak/brass electric fireplace. Any thoughts (yay or nay)would be appreciated.

I think it would be a super cute idea. Who cares if the tools aren't "necessary." The look and feel is much more important, in my opinion!

Good luck!

What You Have To Consider Before Purchasing Garden Tool Set

All serious gardeners should have their own garden tool set. If are one of those people who have just started gardening, make sure that you have the right garden tool set to help you get started. Buying a tool set will not only save you from a lot of troubles trying to find the right tools to use on your garden, it will also help you avoid buying stuff that you cannot really use at all. No, there is no need for you to spend a small fortune on tool sets and garden tool storage.

There are plenty of garden tools sets that are being sold in the market today for very reasonable prices. To help you find all the right garden tool set, here are some pointers for you.

Go for Stainless Steel Tool Set

Stainless steel garden tool set may cost more than the other types of garden tools but it also last longer that most types of garden sets. Moreover, stainless tool sets are easy to clean and maintain. To find good stainless steel tool set, go online and go through those sites that are selling garden tools.

Compare the features of the different tool sets before you decide to buy any of them. Remember that not all tool sets are created equal. Some are better than the other so if you don't want to end up buying the not so good ones, you need to take your time to compare the features and the prices of these tool sets.

What Types of Tools Should You Have in Your Garden Tool Set?

When buying tool set, make sure that you have some descent garden fork, garden trowel, garden cultivator and a weeding cutting tool. You will need your garden fork for loosening, weeding, and cultivating the soil. The garden fork is also very useful in mixing your compost on your garden soil. On the other hand, the garden trowel is an essential part of your garden tool set. You will need this tool to weed, dig and transplant your seedlings. Every self-respecting gardener should have a good garden trowel in his/her garden tool set.

The like fork and trowel, the garden cultivator is also a very important addition to your garden tool set. This tool is used to aerate and loosen the soil to make your plants grow healthy. The cultivator can reach tight spaces which would otherwise be inaccessible if you use either the fork or the towel. To complete your garden tool set, you will need the weeding cutting tool. The weeding cutting tool is very useful especially when your garden is prone to weeds and vines.

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