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Is this skirt match? otherwise what kind of skirt / pants should I go?

You should wear dark blue skinny t-shirt and put jeans.Nothing loose.

Tips for choosing the right size and pants

The worst day for a woman who wears size 12 + is the day you should find a new pair of pants. Most of us take a Xanax and go home crying. So, here are some surefire tips to find the right person more quickly and we two days without hope of recovery. clothing style, in any form is dictated by how your body, and until you look his whole body style of realism is lost.

If you have short legs, do not wear shorts. This means that no petal pushers, clam diggers,, cultures, Capri, or skirts and shorts. Sorry babe, just do not do justice to his face he deserves. cut or rolled his pants body seems to squat, which also make it appear larger than it is. At the same currency that you must avoid anything baggy. As the great t-shirt in your closet, spacious and comfortable feel baggy pants, right we do not see the rolls or Pudge ... we see nothing at all. It is like wearing a sack of potatoes. His leather pants should never be tight but out of his shell enough to let the world see the true shape of your lovely legs. Search any something with a little piece built to move and bend with you. It is a part of your figure you want to use to your advantage. If you have hips or thighs big, baggy jeans and shorts do not look bigger. You search for a home with little or Boot Cut to balance the lines.

Long girls legs, here's your shout! It's rock, baby! Cultures, lengths ultra, boot cut, Capri, and even the role of fat in the ankle Look hot. $%^&*. Lucky Worry spots here are the thighs, waist and hips. They will not be considered a giant. baggy pants are not always a good idea. Imagine that you see Women on the market with a shirt and baggy sweats 2x. Do you really double look to you? Face it, baggy jeans only look good on women wear a size 2 tops abs of steel. They are for women who want to show the navel and never have to use them. If you ask me, baggy pants should never have been designed or sold in the first place.

Color. The pants are the exception to the rule of color clear. Not area to add a touch of purple or leopard print. Stick to basics. related equipment are great, but not very versatile. Jeans are just jeans. We are not in the 80s, if the number of shrinkage rhinestone stone washed or knees broken. Although denim, lycra a little can help, but much is unforgivable. Trousers in dark colors work best or perhaps pin stripes. Black, black, dark. Who wants to wear white pants on the wrong day anyway? pants light has a time and place, but the place where the body is not a great woman. love? Use color as an elegant short skirt or casual. No pants.

The cut is important to everyone. Measure your waist as you only buy games. When measuring, imagine that the pants must register around your waist. Unless you are a supermodel, no dressing as. Hip environmentalists are dangerous. I do not want to see your navel, the streaks and the bun top. Let the buns on the platform. High waist pants grandmother not better. Just have the hips and waist look bigger and butt plate. On the other hand, if they look back, as the jeans were painted, which do not. Try with another court. Pants to ensure that the lenth is long enough to reach the top of the sole of his shoe. This way, you do not walk on cuff, but not in the shins when you sit. Make sure the pants to show his real form, but shortly after the outbreak of the knee or the average calf. Above all, you do not see it unless you have a certain way or to suck, then go get another pair of 30 to be tested and do not give up! Remember that vodka can be a friend or a sweet celebration shot. For special events, put the shiny gold pants off and take your skirt. We are women after all!

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