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If two tears of a broken heart that occurs when?

Physical appearance: Draw two pointed ends cottecting tears and turn to upside down ... Now is the symbol of Love. Spiritual / emotional aspect: If a person takes a pain and share their grief for love or friendship to make it easier to bear. It creates a bond that will not break easily. So what happens when that friendship is broken? By mistake, a misunderstanding, or selfishness, or even the love of another? The two still share the pain! So are the tears alone? or if you forget the pain they have taken it upon themselves or had taken to help a friend and continue what they were before? If so, who were never really friends? or is a wound and a vacuum if, even after the incident is forgotten, is a scar?

As you said, a tear forming a heart, but half a heart makes a tear. So when love breaks leaves two tears.

Surgical reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament in India Orthopedic low cost affordable

Reconstruction LCD


Surgery reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament in India

What is LCD?

The ligament (ACL) is one of the largest of four ligaments connecting the bones strong articulation of the knee. Often injured.

The ligaments are solid, dense structures made of connective tissue that stabilize the joint. They connect bone to bone across the joint.

The role of anterior cruciate ligament is to stabilize the knee and minimize stress on the knee joint: -

  • Promoting stops excessive lower leg bone (tibia) relative to the thigh bone (femur).
  • It limits the movement of the knee rotation ...

What causes an ACL tear?

The movements of the knee that place a strain on the ACL can cause damage to the ligament.

Hyperextension of the knee, ie if the knee is extended 10 degrees beyond its position completely recovered normal, is a frequent cause an ACL tear. This position requires the knee of the leg too far forward relative to the thigh.
Swivel knee injuries excessive internal rotation of the leg may also damage the anterior cruciate ligament ....

Linked to Athletic Injuries

Injuries not related sport with the results of ACL Contact and even non-contact voltage in the ligament. Examples range from being beaten outside the knee the landing force from the knee to a more-is straightened with the knee turned inward ....

The diagnosis of a torn anterior cruciate ligament

The diagnosis of an ACL tear is based on: -

A physical examination]

The doctor will examine a comprehensive history how the accident and determine where the pain can be the first time. Issues related to previous knee injuries are important, and often ligaments and cartilage structures have already been cast. All previous episodes of knee instability and knee cede important information.

B] Radiographic evaluation

Acute injuries Order of radiographic film the knee in general. They are carefully evaluated to break the ligaments attach to bones. In addition, the radiograph shows no bone fragments or other bulk fractures if present.


Magnetic resonance imaging is a noninvasive test which produces an excellent image of all parts of the knee. In this test, the individual is in a hollow cylinder powerful magnets create signals from inside knee. These signals are converted into a computer image that clearly shows damage to structures within the municipality.

D] KT 1000

An instrument called the KT 1000 is a device that can provide information on the integrity monitor. This allows the doctor or therapist to measure the amount of forward movement of the leg from the thigh. It is often used. Both knees are usually tested and compared. This device is also accurately measure the momentum behind the knee .... common

What can you do to a torn ACL?

Initial goals of treatment immediately after an injury to reduce pain and swelling and restore range of motion and strength. Even if surgery is likely, the realization that the movement of the knee and strength can be greatly reduced complications after surgery ...

Immediately after the accident
The doctor may ask very progressive exercise weight-bearing immediately after the first injury of the ACL. Brackets are used soon after an injury rehabilitation kneebraces are called and are on the shelf models to be used for conservative treatment of torn ligaments ....


As the decrease in swelling in and around the joint moves and the body weight exercises building are started fresh.

provides an example of strengthening the quadriceps muscle in this phase. With the knee placed at approximately 10 degrees to be right, with a towel roll directly behind the knee, the person presses the number of towel roll six to 10 seconds. This operation is repeated 10 times. You have to do several times during the day -

  • Rehabilitation Brace
  • Functional Straps

functional or sports equipment are available two off the shelf "and custom-fit. Doctors prescribe this type of reinforcement for the treatment of unstable knee in people when surgery is not recommended and to protect the knee in people who have undergone surgery ....

Do I surgery?
Treatment decisions ACL tear is always individualized - tailored to each individual. The decision to offer surgery is based on the person's age, activity level, knee instability, and whether other structures were injured knee ...

Reconstruction surgery for ACL tear

If you've decided you are a candidate for surgery is important to be prepared mentally and physically. This includes an understanding of the injury, surgery, rehabilitation goals and ....

What is the ACL repaired?

There are a number of different techniques available to repair a torn ligament. Each surgeon has his preference for each particular situation.

In fact, do not talk about LCA "repair" but ACL reconstruction. " This is due to a torn ACL can not simply be repaired by sewing together again. Was the method tested the first days of the repair of the ACL, but proved ineffective. Thus, new methods have been developed concerning the reconstruction of the ACL ligament, including the substitution of a new ligament damage. Use of the tendons from other parts of the body as a substitute CLA has been found that the most effective means of reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament torn. Currently, the two most Popular in use by using a portion of the patella tendon or the tendon using a hamstring muscle ...

It are several surgical procedures available: -

A] procedure patellar tendon graft

As has been popularized in the mid-1980s, the patellar tendon graft was the gold standard of choice for reconstruction anterior cruciate ligament. This type of replacement of anterior cruciate ligament using the third person through their own patellar tendon and is known as a bone-tendon-bone (BTB) graft ....

B] hamstring graft procedure

Hamstring reconstruction is an alternative to bone grafting and bone patella, is increasingly popular. In this procedure, rather than using the patellar tendon, The surgeon uses the hamstring tendon the patient or the semitendinosus and gracilis tendons in the same leg ....

] Allograft procedure C

Another option is the use of tissue from a cadaver (dead) named allograft.

patellar tendon, hamstring tendon or Achilles tendon allografts can be used as fabric inserted and fixed with same techniques used for autografts (grafts using your own tissue person) ...

synthetic grafts

synthetic grafts (ie, transplants from other materials) were used in the 1970s, but have generally failed.

Now no synthetic ligaments in the United States approved by the FDA for primary ACL reconstruction ....

This Can I wait after my ACL reconstruction?

For most individuals with a torn ACL reconstruction restore stability knee. Reconstructed knees are stable and reliable. The knee will not be unexpectedly and allow the person to return to their previous work and activities sports, most often without the commitment ....

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