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My frog is dead ... "I can treat the other with something to protect it from any disease?

I have received two ADF in the second. I back and saw that one of them had died. I wonder if anything could put in the tank, as this blue, you could try and protect the frog from an illness. I do not know what the frog is dead and not want the other to die of a disease as possible. ADF = African dwarf frog. They are completely aquatic. I have mine at PetSmart, born in captivity and that it was to live in aquariums.

I agree, I would check the water quality. The frogs are subject to many of the same problems fish, including the poisoning of ammonia. I suggest buying your own team of good evidence and does not depend on the pet to test the water. They use the dipstick test kits reactive, and are not very accurate at all. You better test kits to detect drops ammonia, nitrites, nitrates and pH. I do not recommend adding anything At this point if you have no symptoms. Medicate when you are not sure what it says that animals can lead to disease and become immune to drugs. A ADF also do not see anything very well. If a piece of food placed directly in front of them, not see it. They tend to see things move sides / periphreal (sp). It is quite possible the frog was not enough food. Are there any fish in the tank with them? Fish may have been hung all foods. If so, be sure to look and see that the frog is still able to get food. And so caring, ADF can live on average five years, if those who said they did not live very long misinformed. Here is a link with good information about the ADF and ACF:

How to treat scabies

The diagnosis is usually made by looking at the burrows or rash. A skin scraping may be taken to look for mites, eggs or mite faeces (scybalum) to confirm the diagnosis. Even if a skin sample or a biopsy and a negative returns, it is still possible you may be infected. Generally, fewer than 10 mites on the body of an infected person, which makes it easy for an infestation to be missed. However, people in Norwegian or crusted, scabies can be infested by thousands of mites and should be considered highly infectious.

Most cases of scabies are completely eradicated by a single application during the night cream 5% permethrin (Elimite cream), available on prescription. It is the drug of choice for treating scabies Age all the way to two months (more than 30% of scabies are now resistant to Eurax lotion, treatment earlier). Elimite should be massaged into the skin of the scalp to reach the soles of the feet. It must be rinsed thoroughly after 8-14 hours. All family members, babysitters, and physical contact should be treated. Usually, a 2 oz tube will be an adult. Lindane is an effective alternative treatment, but does not recommend its use. It works and is cheaper, but it is much more toxic. In pregnant women and infants less two months, a sulfur ointment is often used if every night for 3-5 days.

Put comforters should not be machine washed and blankets in a large garbage bag and seal tightly. Leave it closed for two weeks. The mites will die without a human host.

Apply body lotion with insecticide. They are available at the counter or by prescription. Cover the entire body lotion from neck to feet. Leave for several hours before showering.

A person of scabies is considered infectious until they have been treated. pieces infested clothing and bedding are considered as infectious until processed. After treatment, a person unknowingly re-infestation in contact with the person who had the itch to begin or another person who has scabies.

Lice are wingless insects that feed on human blood. Three types are moved on the scalp, body or pubic region. Lice are most often between August and November, and is easily transmitted by skin to skin contactor by sharing clothes, combs and bedding. Type of crabs that infest the pubic region is often spread by sex, but you can also go a toilet seat.

Juice 400 500 g of leaves of the cane. Mix equal amounts of sesame oil and cook until water dries. Cool and retain. Apply daily on the infected parts. Both have strong anti-microbial properties.

Any person living with an infected person and close contacts should be treated. Everyone should be treated simultaneously to prevent re-infestation with scabies from other persons that could be infected but show no symptoms yet.

In addition, the clothing of those infected and bedding must be washed with hot water and ironed to kill the mites, and all their eggs.

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